Weight Loss Goals: Can Massage Chairs Help You Lose Weight?

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can massage chairs help you lose weight

Some studies suggest that massage chairs can help with weight loss. There might be a seed of truth to it.

A clinical trial conducted by a health and wellness centre in Shrewsbury found that around 90% of the participants lost weight after a 12-week clinical audit trial involving massage chairs. 

While further studies are certainly needed, massage chairs already provide a variety of benefits that can aid in your quest to shed some pounds. In this article, we’ll talk about the details of how a massage chair can help you lose weight.    

Does a Massage Chair Burn Calories? 

A massage chair can help you burn calories, but not enough to create any significant impact compared to daily exercises. However, massage chairs can still help you burn or reduce calories in subtle ways like improving your metabolism.

When it comes to body weight, your metabolism is an important consideration. Having a slow, unhealthy metabolism not only prevents you from losing weight but can also lead to serious health problems like obesity.

Regular massage sessions help improve your digestive system’s ability to break down and process the food you eat. On top of that, massage chairs can also help manage your sleep cycle. Having a bad sleep cycle has been linked to negative changes in metabolism and weight gain. 

Massage Chairs Improve Blood Circulation

One of the major benefits of massage chairs is performing kneading strokes throughout the body. This type of action activates different contracted or semi-blocked blood vessels.

Your blood vessels and the entire cardiovascular system are responsible for distributing much-needed oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Your massage chair can help improve blood circulation, which means all your vital organs can receive the right amount of nutrients to work properly. 

Having a healthy cardiovascular system can speed up your digestive process and allow you to do weight-loss exercises longer without tiring.

Massage Chairs Helps with Your Sleep Cycle

People who are not getting enough sleep or have irregular sleeping patterns have a higher risk of obesity. Inadequate sleep can directly affect how your hunger hormones (ghrelin and leptin) work. This can cause over-eating and increased appetite in some people. Not getting enough sleep can also slow down your resting metabolism, which may lead to weight gain.

Having regular massage chair sessions will help relax your body and remove any muscle-related pain that might prevent you from having a good night’s sleep.  

Massage Chairs Aids Muscle Recovery  

Intense workout sessions like cross-fit or weightlifting cause wear and tear in the muscles and tissues. This is all part of your body’s muscle recovery process. After a while, your newly developed muscle tissues will be stronger than the ones you’ve had before.

Massage has always been known as a great way for athletes and workout enthusiasts to speed up muscle recovery or relieve pain. In one study, researchers found that:

  • Massage helped decrease inflammation caused by workouts. Its effects are comparable to some pain medications.
  • Massage boosts the production of mitochondria in the muscles. This means that the cells in your muscles can generate even more energy at a cellular level.

Having a massage chair is a good way to complement your workout routine. It helps your muscles heal faster on a cellular level, allowing you to dedicate more time working out than healing up.

Muscle recovery can also be a painful experience, especially for those who are new to working out or those who are trying a new workout routine. With a massage chair, you’ll be able to relieve pain while relaxing after your workout. Having the means to manage pain should help convince you to continue living an active lifestyle rather than quitting halfway. 

Massage Chairs Can Stir You Away from Stress Eating 

Stress or depression are often linked to unhealthy eating habits and excess body fat due to increased calorie intake. 

According to a 2015 study, our bodies metabolize far slower under stress. Some of the participants who reported at least one or more stressors the previous day burned 104 fewer calories than those who were not stressed.

Stress eating is a big hurdle to your weight-loss journey. Fortunately, even a 10-minute massage can reduce stress immensely. Massage is known to stimulate the right hormones in the body to help lower your stress levels and make you a little happier in the process. 

With a massage chair, you can do regular massage sessions specifically for relieving stress. By having a relaxed and stress-free mind, you’ll be able to control any urges to eat more and can stick to a healthier lifestyle.

Bottom Line

A massage chair can be an important part of your weight-loss journey alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet. It offers a wide range of benefits that help not only with losing weight but also with improving your overall quality of life.
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