10 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for People with Back Pain

Not sure what present to get for a loved one who’s suffering from chronic back pain? Instead of buying them commonplace items like a shirt or a book, you can gift them with something that provides relief. They’ll appreciate nothing more than a useful item to help ease their persisting aches.

Bookmark this list for year-round gift ideas for someonewho experiences back pain.

Portable massager

Portable massagers are efficient tools that offer muscle relief to targeted areas. Your loved one can use the massager not just on their back, but on other parts of their body as well. The best thing about a portable massager is its compact size; you can bring it along almost anywhere. It’s the perfect gift for someone who travels frequently.

There are different kinds of portable massagers you can choose from, such as a handheld massager, gun massager or a back and neck massager cushion. The massage cushion is ideal for someone who suffers from stiff muscles or poor posture, so you can perhaps gift it to a friend or family member who sits for hours in front of a computer.

Handheld and gun massagers, on the other hand, offer deep muscle relief. They make thoughtful presents for someone who experiences pain in different parts of their body.

Acupressure mat

Acupressure mats use your own weight to target specific, pain-relieving points on the body. Small-sample studies show that these mats offer a wealth of health advantages, from relieving stress and tension to alleviating pain in different muscle regions.

Although research on the health benefits of acupressure mats is limited and requires further exploration, these products are inexpensive, safe and easy to use. So, they’re still worth buying for someone whosuffers from chronic body pains and stiff muscles.

Memory foam mattress

Getting quality sleep regularly is challenging when you have to deal with backaches because it’s not easy to find a position that won’t worsen the pain. If your loved one has chronic back pain, you can gift them a memory foam mattress to help them enjoy a good night’s sleep every night.

Memory foam conforms to the contours of the body. It’s also firm enough to support the back even if the user shifts in their sleep, minimising the number of times the sleeper wakes up in the middle of the night. You’ll be able to help your loved one get more restful sleep and alleviate their back pain by buying them a high-quality memory foam mattress.

Full-body massage chair

A full-body massage chair is the best present for someone suffering from chronic back pain, but only if you have the budget for it. Massage chairs have strategically positioned rollers and airbags that reach common problem areas, such as the lower and upper back, the shoulders and even the thighs.

Some full-body massage chairs also have advanced features that further elevate the massage experience. There are models with targeted foot and calf massagers, heated massage options and even a surround sound system so the user can play their favourite relaxing music as they unwind.

If you want a top-of-the-line massage chair for your loved one, choose one with a Zero Gravity recline setting. The Zero Gravity setting is based on NASA’s specified neutral body position, which relieves the strain on the muscles and joints caused by gravity. Getting a massage in this position allows for a deeper, more soothing experience.

A full-body massager lets the user enjoy a rejuvenating massage without having to go to the masseuse, so it’s the perfect gift for someone with a busy schedule. The recipient can squeeze in a quick massage session whenever they have the time. They can also multitask — take calls or answer emails, for instance — while getting a massage.

Lumbar support pillow

Lumbar support cushions are small, affordable items that bring great comfort to people with back pain. Your loved one can use the pillow for when they’re sitting down for hours, such as when they’re working or driving.

Many lumbar support cushions are made with memory foam to provide firm support for the entire spine and promote correct posture. Choose a support pillow with adjustable straps so the recipient can attach it to any chair or couch. The straps also let them adjust the cushion for lower or upper back pain relief.

Ergonomic office chair

If you’re willing to splurge, an ergonomic office chair is one of the best gifts you can give to someone with chronic back pain. This kind of office chair is designed to support the body and its micro-movements, with a backrest that fully contours to the spine.

Ergonomic chairs also encourage correct posture, which is the cause of body pain for most people. So, these chairs minimise the likelihood of not only back pain, but also stiffness in the neck, shoulders and legs.

You want to choose an ergonomic office chair with an adjustable seat height, backrest and armrests. This way, the recipient can modify the chair’s settings according to what’s comfortable for them. Also, make sure the seat padding is made from high-quality foam. Insufficient padding can lead to a misalignment in the hips or pain in the buttocks and tailbone.

Standing desk

If the person you’re buying a present for already owns an ergonomic chair, you can gift them a standing desk to match their chair. A standing desk can’t treat muscle pain, but it does help improve the user’s posture and relieve tension in the back after sitting down for hours.

These desks also help the user break free from a sedentary lifestyle in a small way. Standing burns more calories than sitting, according to multiple studies. A 60-kilogram person, for instance, can burn an additional 54 calories if they stand six hours per day instead of sitting.

Electric upper body massager

An electric upper body massager is an affordable alternative to full-body massagers. This ergonomically designed massager delivers deep tissue relief by loosening stiff and aching muscles in the neck, shoulders and back.

Some upper body massagers also have a warm air feature to emulate a spa-like experience. Heated massages are known to relax the muscles even more, making them more pliant to the pressing and rolling movements of the massager. The heat also helps loosen those stubborn muscle knots that cause pain and discomfort.

Upper body massagers often have a slim, compact design, so the user can use it while in bed or on the couch then easily put it away afterwards.

Essential oils for pain relief

Essential oils are a great optionif you’re looking for an affordable but useful present for friends or family who experience a variety of body aches. These oils are extracted from plants and contain pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that help ease muscle tension.

There are many essential oils available for different kinds of muscle problems. Here are some of them:

  • For pain relief: ginger oil, black pepper oil or peppermint oil
  • For reducing swelling: lemongrass oil, arnica oil or lavender oil
  • For tension relief: juniper oil, clary sage oil or sandalwood oil

Yoga classes

Research confirms that yoga is an effective physical therapy treatment for moderate to severe chronic back pain. The different yoga movements stretch and strengthen the muscles supporting the spine, helping your back move more fluidly with minimal strain. Regularly doing yoga also builds one’s flexibility, which reduces the risk of injuries and occurrence of body pain.

Paying for a loved one’s yoga classes is a great gift because you’re helping them make sure that they’re doing the movements properly. Proper form is critical to the practice of yoga, otherwise it could lead to more back pain. Although they can technically do yoga for free by watching YouTube videos, it’s still best to have the guidance of a certified instructor to guarantee that they’re not exposing themselves to the possibility of an injury.

Choosing a Gift for Someone with Back Pain

Browse through the list we’ve provided and select the item that you think will be most useful for the person you’re giving it to. If you’re not sure which gift would best address their back pain, you can always ask them to learn more about their problem.

Don’t forget to take your budget into account. We’ve listed some affordable options above because we know that you shouldn’t have to clean out your bank account just to give someone a gift. The high-end options are there in case you have money to spare.

If you’re buying any premium products, such as a full-body massager, make sure to source them from a reputable manufacturer. OSIM Massage Chair Company is a trusted supplier of massager products, including handheld massagers and full-body massage sofas.

To get more information about massage chairs and how to choose the best one for your needs, contact us at +44020 4518 2485 or fill out our online form.




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