10 Tips For Choosing the Best Leg Massager

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Around 8 million years ago, our ape ancestors began to walk upright on two legs rather than crawling on all fours like many other animals. Ever since that momentous occasion, we and our ancestors have been experiencing leg soreness, cramps, and other discomforts that stem from being on our feet all day long.

Our ancestors may have had no other option other than putting up with the pain, but in our age of advanced technology, there’s no reason we should have to live with it. A foot and leg massager is the perfect tool for unwinding after a hard day at work and letting the pain and soreness melt away.

With so many different types and brands, you might think it’s an impossible task to choose the best leg massager. However, there are plenty of helpful factors to consider when shopping for a leg massager machine that works for you.

Keep reading to learn about 10 tips for choosing the best leg massager.

1. Set a Budget

As much as we’d like to get the most expensive product on the market, sometimes that simply isn’t possible. When you set a budget for yourself before you begin shopping, you can focus on the leg massagers that you can actually take home with you rather than ones that are too costly.

There’s nothing more frustrating than falling in love with the perfect leg massager only to take a look at the price tag and have your dreams crushed. Many online stores have the option to search by price, including options to search for the lowest price to the highest price or a specific price range.

Keep in mind that leg massagers can pay for themselves in the long run because you can save money by avoiding costly trips to a masseuse.

2. Think About Your Reason for Buying One

Because there are so many types of leg massagers out there, you’ll want to think about your reason for buying one in the first place.

Some people get a leg massager so that they can sleep better at night, others get one to improve their blood circulation and thus heal more quickly and efficiently. There are people who even invest in a leg massager to reduce their depression and nurture a better mood overall.

When you know why you need one, then you can look for the functions that are relevant for you, such as a leg massager for post-gym recovery.

3. Read Reviews

One of the best ways to find a leg massager that suits your needs is by reading reviews online. Many people leave reviews on the same site where the product is sold but you’ll also find reviews on people’s blogs and YouTube channels.

Lots of companies give their products to reliable reviewers in exchange for an honest critique. While there’s always the possibility that a reviewer has ulterior motives, you can generally get an accurate assessment of a product by looking at multiple reviews of the same brand and type.

After you’ve weeded out the lowest-rated products, the ones that don’t suit your needs at all, and the ones that are too expensive, you should compare and contrast people’s opinions in order to narrow it down to what you think would be right for you.

4. Ask Friends and Family

With so many opinions online, you might be a bit sceptical of who to trust. You can never go wrong with asking friends and family for their recommendations.

Does your cousin, grandfather, or best friend use a massager? Well, if someone in your circle already has a certain product, you can ask them what they use it for and how it has helped them so far.

If they aren’t happy with it, then you should cross it off your list. However, if they love it, maybe they’ll allow you to give it a test drive so you can see for yourself how wonderful the product is.

5. Consider the Different Functions

When you know your reason for buying one, then you can look for a leg massager that has the specific functions you need, such as heating and automatic shutoff.

Some leg massagers have pre-set programs so you don’t have to fiddle with the buttons. On the other hand, you might want to customize how the machine works, such as its level of power and massage style.

You’ll also find that some leg massagers give off more vigorous vibrations than others, so you should pay attention to the amount of power each model has. Some leg massages are designed specifically to give you a gentler touch if you need it. Additionally, there is a range of leg massagers that can mimic the feel of a masseuse while others feel clearly machine-based.

A leg massager that is ergonomic will have little to no negative compression on your feet, which is always a nice bonus.

6. How Much Durability Do You Need?

Consider when, where, and how you’ll use your leg massager. If you’re going to move it around the house a lot or even take it with you during your travels, then you’ll want a product that is highly durable.

If you plan on keeping it in the living room and only using it while you watch TV in the evening, for example, then you shouldn’t worry too much if your leg massager isn’t shock absorbent.

7. What Design Works Best for You?

Whether it has a washable fabric or cover, some leg massagers are easier to wash than others, so if you are all about cleanliness, you’ll want to keep that in mind.

A leg massager with a small remote control is usually more convenient than one with buttons on the side, especially while you’re in the middle of using it but want to change a certain aspect.

Some designs allow you to get a massage that covers the entirety of your legs and feet while other designs only target specific areas. You’ll definitely want to remember that when you shop, otherwise you might end up with a product that doesn’t even cover the area you want it to. To get the best fit possible, you might want to look into leg massagers that have adjustable sizes too.

Some massager can be quite loud. If you live with others and plan on using the machine later in the night, you’ll want a product that is quiet.

8. Do You Need Something Portable?

If you have a heavy and bulky leg massager, chances are you won’t be taking it with you on vacation or elsewhere. When it comes to relaxation and pain relief on the go, you’ll want something that is lightweight and collapsible.

For example, you can easily fold up an air compression leg massager. Plus, it can be charged using a USB port. With such portability and functionality, your layovers during travel can turn into moments of relaxing bliss.

Even if you don’t have a foldable leg massager, some of the smaller ones can still be put into the back of your car so that you can always have access to pain relief as you indulge in an adventurous road trip.

9. Ask Your Doctor or Physical Therapist

If you have a foot disease or another medical condition that has symptoms that you think might be eased with the help of a leg massager, then you should ask your doctor or physical therapist for advice before you make your purchase.

For example, an air compression leg massager works to increase your blood and lymphatic circulation and can help with swelling, restless leg syndrome, muscle tension, and more.

A professional will be able to suggest a specific massager that can help with your medical symptoms or they may suggest that you stay away from massagers altogether. Because there are so many health benefits to using a massager, from dealing with menstrual cramps to aiding recovery after the gym, a medical professional will most likely give you the go-ahead.

10. Contact the Company

When it comes to the specs of a particular product, the company that makes it is going to know the ins and outs better than anyone.

Once you’ve finished your research, you might still have questions pertaining to how the product is manufactured, what the components are made from, and more. Because you can’t trust everything you encounter on the internet, it often helps to speak with real people who work for a specific company and have the knowledge to answer all your questions in depth.

Most companies can be reached through email, telephone, or through an instant messenger on their website.

Are You Ready to Choose the Best Leg Massager?

With these 10 tips for choosing the best leg massager, you can begin to live a more happy and comfortable life.

When it comes to the support and wellness you need, OSIM has the best products on the market. Whether you’re looking for a leg massager, a massage chair, or an air purifier, we have a range of products that can make you feel like royalty. If you have any questions, contact us to learn more about our high-quality products.


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