13 Reasons Why You Need an Eye Massager

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Ever notice how often you’re glued to a computer screen? Surprisingly, The Independent reports that British office workers spend at least 1,700 hours in front of a computer every single year.

So, what does this have to do with an eye roller massager? It’s simple: when you’re staring at a screen all day, your eyes get worn out and tired. You get headaches and puffy eyes.

Clearly, an eye massager can help with that and more. Check out 13 reasons why you need an eye massager!

1. Eye Massagers Are Comfortable

One of the biggest eye massager benefits is that they’re extremely comfortable to wear. While this may not seem like such a huge deal at first, it’s incredibly important to choose a comfy eye massager, especially since the skin around your eyes is so sensitive.

Not only that, but buying an ill-fitting eye massager won’t give you all the health benefits that you seeking either. Another word of advice is to make sure you know exactly what material your eye massager is made out of. Some good features to look for materials that are lightweight and soft!

2. Eye Massagers Have Heat Settings

First of all, do eye massagers work? Answer: of course they do, particularly by opening up your pores near your eyes. For those who are unaware, this is wonderful for helping skin cream enter your skin more deeply.

Naturally, this results in a much more healthy-looking and feeling skin around your eyes. As if that’s not enough, the highest quality eye massagers use heat to combat eye puffiness as well. In addition, some eye massagers even use air pressure to provide a painless massage too.

Can it possibly get any better than that? 

3. Eye Massagers Have Intensity Settings

Think about this for a second: eye massagers have intensity settings. Yes, you read that right. The best part is that the more options that your eye massager has, the easier it is to manage as well. Because honestly, who wants to get the same massage at the same setting every day? 

And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to find one eye massager to give you 100 percent control over your relaxing experience. Once you purchase the perfect one for you, you’ll put your dry eyes, headaches, and sinus pain in the past. 

4. Eye Massagers Can Play Music 

Let’s be honest: the fact that eye massagers can play music is pretty awesome. Now, this may not persuade everyone to buy into the eye massager craze but hear us out for a second. In case you didn’t know, not every eye massager on the market offers this fabulous feature.

Despite this fact, the ones that do are essentially a must-have for music junkies everywhere. Why is this so special? Because music can make your eye massage experience much more soothing, particularly when you tune into pre-programmed nature songs!

5. Eye Massagers Reduce Dark Circles

Searching for an eye massager for dark circles? You’ve come to the right place. For the uninitiated, eye massagers pulse and vibrate to holistically relieve the stress around your eyes.

The result: fewer eye circles and wrinkles on your face. Plus, eye massagers help to lower the puffy skin near your eyes as well. Sounds good to us, especially after a long night on the town.

But how does it even work? We’re glad that asked. Cushioned in a comfortable material, your eye massager slowly moves back and forth to rub the skin beneath your eyes, virtually erasing dark eye circles for good.

6. Eye Massagers Decrease Pain

So, we all know that eye massagers are the ultimate relaxation tool, but most people don’t know that they help to decrease pain too. Admit it: how many times have you come home with a headache from working in front of a screen?

If eye strain is second nature to you, you might want to consider purchasing an eye massage to relieve it. And guess what? Besides this, eye massagers can rub acupoints like your temples as well, which soothes the stress in your entire face.

On the hunt for a more intense massage experience? Then you’re in luck, because you can also use your eye massager to release tension in your eyebrows and cheeks too. 

7. Eye Massagers Are Great For Your Skin

Here’s the thing: eye massagers are great for your skin. As we mentioned above, the right eye massager for you will open the skin around your eyes, making it easier for skin and eye cream to soak into your face.

Now that we’ve got that down, it’s time to how much better you’ll look and feel once your beauty products are finally able to work their magic. Once you buy your first eye massager, you’ll see for yourself how much more youthful your skin looks. We guarantee it! 

8. Eye Massagers Have Light Settings

News flash: you can buy eye massagers with different light settings now. That’s not all. When it comes to mood lighting and eye massages, this unique combination stimulates your brain waves to reacher a deeper relaxation state.

Plus, eye massagers with mood lighting have several options to choose from too. For example, the cool mood lighting setting is a great way to restore peace of mind and balance.

On the other hand, a mix of warm and cool mood lighting promotes more energy, restoring your eye’s natural vitality. And with adjustable brightness settings, you’ll never have to worry about straining your eyes again. 

9. Eye Massagers Have Infrared Settings

Eye massagers have infrared settings now and we’re totally here for it. What is infrared light, you ask? In a nutshell, infrared light is a unique type of energy that’s virtually invisible to the human gaze.

In spite of this fact, we can experience infrared light as heat, and that’s exactly what infrared eye massagers produce. Using infrared rays instead of traditional heating methods, these warming eye massagers improve your vision like no other. 

10. Eye Massagers Are Wearable Devices 

Did you know that eye massagers are literally wearable devices? As a portable massager, these useful gadgets are perfect for people who crave a lengthy eye massage.

Much larger than an ordinary eye mask, eye massagers are typically placed over the eyes for several minutes at a time. Padded for extra comfort, the highest quality eye massagers can also be worn be extended periods. While you’re at it, you might as well spend some time playing around with heat settings as well. 

But are eye massagers even adjustable?

11. Eye Massagers Are Super Adjustable

Let’s face it: with so many different shapes and sizes out there, the whole “one size fits all” thing doesn’t work anymore. Thankfully for you, eye massagers are super adjustable, stretching to fit just about anyone’s unique head shape.

As a result, eye massagers are accessible for everyone, which helps relieve those who are concerned about buying one that doesn’t fit. One good sign that your eye massager is completely adjustable is if it has a little knob on it. Once you find it, turn the knob until you find the most ideal fit for you.

It’s as easy as that!

12. Eye Massagers Reduce Eye Strain

Here’s the thing: eye massagers have been scientifically proven to reduce eye strain. How so? The good news is that most eye massagers have several timer modes that can help relieve the tension in your eye muscles, including: 

  • Sleep massage mode 
  • Medium massage mode 
  • Hard massage mode

Additionally, you can also choose between 10 and 20-minute massages as well, with the eye massager turning off as soon as your alarm goes off. This is the smartest way to fight against the number of hours you spent looking at a glaring screen all day. You can thank us later.

13. Eye Massagers Boost Circulation

On the hunt for the best eye massager? If that’s the case, then you should know that the most top-notch eye massages boost circulation by focusing on acupuncture points between your temples and eyes.

Then, air compression is used to alleviate facial tension, which improves the circulation near your eyes too. Talk about a win-win! 

Why You Need an Eye Massager

Still, don’t know why you need an eye massager? From reducing eye strain to boosting circulation, today’s eye massagers are our best tools against the infinite glare of the computer screen. 

Why wait? Hurry up and get an eye massager today!

Looking for more wellness tips? Don’t hesitate to check out our blog!





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