4 Reasons to Invest in a Workplace Massage Chair

Excessive stress in workplaces harms employee health and reduces their productivity. Left alone, you may see turnovers of your high-value employees, severely affecting your company’s efficiency and profitability. One way you can counteract this is by buying an electric massage chair.

Boost Employee Health

The most obvious and important benefit of having a massage chair in the workplace is how it improves health by:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving sleep and sleeping patterns
  • Relieving neck pain
  • Decreasing the risk of injuries

Massages also increase white blood cell count. While this doesn’t automatically translate into healthier employees, it can significantly reduce the risk of contracting diseases and developing conditions.

This has a direct impact on your saving. By helping your employees maintain their health, you’ll decrease workers’ compensation claims.

Repetitive strain injuries from improper posture and lack of ergonomics such as back and wrist pain are one of the most common types of office injuries. Regular use of an electric massage chair is excellent for treating and preventing these. Employees will spend fewer days on leaves of absence and require less pain medication.

happy employees

Improve Worker Performance

Stress and injuries have a significant negative impact on productivity, so boosting employee health naturally leads to better performance. Employees are more responsive, alert, and accurate when they don’t suffer from stress and muscle tension. This means:

  • Increased productivity
  • More cooperative team members
  • Fewer mistakes
  • Better results

This is all with just a 15-minute session on an electric massage chair. Employees will be able to grow their skills more efficiently and be more willing to give their all for your company.

Increase Satisfaction, Decrease Turnovers

Several factors affect employee satisfaction. While important, fair pay is just one part of it. Employees value workplaces with employers that support their well-being and good-natured colleagues.

Investing in a massage chair will show them that you care about their mental wellness. At the same time, it will also contribute to creating a more positive work environment by decreasing stress.

Satisfied employees better performers. They’re also less likely to leave. While not immediately negative, staff turnover can become harmful to an organisation’s performance, depending on the labour market you compete in.

Turnovers will hurt your profit and efficiency if recruitment is costly, you’re losing workers whose skills are in high demand, or a vacancy takes several weeks to fill. That’s why you want to do everything to keep your high-value employees.

Organisations that engage employees with health benefits, such as massage chairs, will generally see lower turnover rates.

Attract Top Talent

Among the most significant factors that affect potential candidates’ appraisal of job offers, benefits are one of the most influential. Having a massage chair in your workplace in addition to basic benefits will attract higher-quality employees for the same reasons that they will stay: good working conditions.

Invest in a Massage Chair

Get a full-body massage chair from OSIM UK. You’ll improve employee retention and productivity, giving your organisation an edge over your competitors. Browse our shop today.




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