6 Surprising Leg Massage Benefits You’ll Want to Know About

What are the Leg Massage Benefits?

When the word ‘massage’ is said, what do you think of? For most, the image of hands gliding against a stiff back or comforting a pair of sore feet is what comes to mind. After all, they are the most common types of massage therapy available. But did you know that a massage particularly for your legs exists?

A leg massage is a less popular type of massage, which specifically targets your thighs, hamstrings and calves. It’s easy to guess that a leg massage is made to relax our oft-used legs. But it may come as a surprise to you that the benefits of leg massages extend past the legs. From improving blood circulation to preventing injury, we take a look at 8 unexpected leg massage benefits for not only your legs, but the rest of your body.

Benefit 1: Improves Blood Circulation

The norm for many Brits today is to spend a large portion of their day sitting down. In fact, adults of working age in England average about 10 hours per day sitting!

What does this mean for our bodies and our legs in particular? This excessively sedentary lifestyle greatly reduces blood flow and circulation in our legs. Poor circulation can result in the tightening of leg muscles and muscle weakness. It can also lead to more serious problems such as blood clots or ulcers.

A leg massage directly solves this problem. By introducing movement in the muscles, blood gets moving and circulation is greatly improved.

Benefit 2: Improves Recovery

For those who frequently exercise, the dreaded soreness after a good workout can be enough to make you never want to exercise again. This soreness (also known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS) is a common occurrence. And in such large muscles as your legs, the soreness can be unbearable. No wonder there’s such a large distaste for ‘leg day’ at the gym!

Luckily, a leg massage can help treat DOMS and accelerate your recovery. Massages are known to reduce swelling and encourage healing in muscles. A good leg massage will help you recover quicker and get you back in the gym sooner than later!

Benefit 3: Encourages Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is responsible for getting rid of toxins, waste and other unwanted material from the body. It does this by transporting lymph around the body, which is a fluid designed to fight injections and remove waste. This is known as lymphatic drainage.

Sometimes, particular conditions cause lymph to pool and build up. Not only does this affect the lymphatic system’s ability to remove waste, but it also causes swelling. This build up usually occurs in the arms and legs.

For those who often experience this lymph build up, a leg massage can improve circulation and encourage lymph to flow more freely. This improves waste removal and treats swelling, all at same time!

Benefit 4: Reduces Pain

Pain and soreness in your legs can come from anywhere. The previously mentioned, exercise-induced DOMS is one way. Other sources of pain for your legs include:

  • Muscle cramps
  • Shin splints
  • Tendinitis
  • Muscle strains

A leg massage can help reduce this pain by targeting specific leg muscles and manipulating them to loosen up tight muscles. It also relaxes muscle tissue which reduces painful contractions and sudden spasms. A good massage will also reduce nerve compression which causes pain and discomfort. You’ll be able to ease pain quickly and effectively!

Benefit 5: Injury Prevention

We’ve gone through many benefits of massages, especially for post-exercise recovery and healing. But did you know that a leg massage is a great way to prevent injury in the first place?

Leg massages have the same effect as a rigorous stretching session. 

It improves mobility, stretches muscle tissues and improves blood supply. The loosening of the muscles significantly reduces the chance that an injury may occur during a sports game or exercise.

Pre-game massages also have the added effect of relaxing and calming athletes or gym-goers. An upcoming football game, marathon or weightlifting competition probably has you feeling rather nervous. A massage can take your mind off it and improve your mental outlook before a big event.

Benefit 6: Reduce Stress

Building on the last point, a leg massage decreases stress, reduces tension and calms restlessness. This highlights the ability of a leg massage to benefit more than just the legs.

So how does a leg massage reduce stress? A calming massage can lower your heart rate, relax tense muscles and release endorphins. These all calm nerves and help you relax and unwind.

If you’re feeling overly stressed from everyday life, a leg massage might be just what you need!

Benefit 7: Boosts Immune System

Elucidate on the Effect of Leg Massages on Our Immune Response.

Who knew that a relaxing leg massage could provide an immune boost? Only recently, researchers have widened the lens to focus more deeply on the effects of massages on our immunity. While more studies certainly need to back it up, early findings look promising.

Leg massages, essentially, are believed to aid the immune system because of their effect on the lymphatic system. This is your body’s internal ‘drainage system’, designed to rid the body of toxins, fight infections, and transport nutrients. To effectively perform these tasks, the lymphatic system depends heavily on the movement of our muscles. So, when you get a leg massage, the mechanic action of the massage facilitates this movement, thus aiding the flow of lymph in your body.

Moreover, a study has found that massage may increase the circulation of lymphocytes. These are the white blood cells that play an essential role in our body’s immune response. Hence, more lymphocytes could mean enhanced immunity. At the same time, the process of leg massage can also reduce the level of stress hormones in the body, another plus for our immunity.

Enjoy these leg massage benefits for yourself!

As you can see, a leg massage is a lot more beneficial to both physical and mental health than most people realise. And just because it’s specifically called a leg massage doesn’t mean that the rest of your body benefits from it too!

Professional massages by a qualified massage therapist are always an option (albeit a costly one if you choose to have a regular massage). Alternatively, you can look into an electric leg massager which provides the same benefits! The OSIM uSqueez 2 Leg Massager is the superior choice when it comes to eclectic leg massagers. Equipped with targeted reflexology zones to address specific concerns, it’s the perfect way to experience the leg massage benefits of a leg massage for yourself.




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