7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Blood Circulation

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Do you often experience tingling and numbness in your hands and feet? Do you have frequent bouts with indigestion? Do you feel fatigued on most days?

Then there are signs that you may be suffering from poor blood circulation. 

Studies reveal that over 7.4 million people in the United Kingdom live with circulatory or heart disease. People who experience symptoms of poor circulation either inherit the disease or develop them because of poor lifestyle. 

Thankfully, through proper diagnosis, you can still turn things around. You can still change your unhealthy lifestyle by practicing tips that improve circulation.

Continue reading below as we look at some effective scientifically-backed ways to improve your blood circulation.

Improve Circulation Through These 7 Effective Ways

Though there are medications that work to improve circulation, there may be downsides that come with them. Apart from possible side-effects, some may cost you a lot of money. 

On the flip side, there are effective alternatives that are way affordable. Moreover, science also backs their efficacy. Let’s take a look at seven you can improve poor blood circulation in your body:

1. Do Some Basic Cardio

One of the keys to improving blood circulation is to increase your body’s capacity to take in and use more oxygen. Thus, increase your blood circulation through some cardio exercises.

Start with the basics like taking a brisk walk every morning. Walk around the neighbourhood for about 20 to 30 minutes every day. If walking alone bores you, consider joining a local walking group.

If you’re looking for something more challenging, consider jogging as an alternative. Jogging helps your blood vessels dilate. In turn, this helps them increase their capacity for oxygen. 

Start with a 15-minute jog for about a month then increase your minutes gradually.

2. Use Some Compression

Sometimes, you need a little external help to improve poor circulation in your feet. Get a pair of compression pants. Wear them during your exercises or even under your pants while you’re at work.

Compression garments work by compressing your legs or arms. This compression helps improve the blood flow to your extremities. Furthermore, they help protect your muscles from swelling especially after a hard workout.

Moreover, they help protect you from blood clots. They can also assist your recovery from venous issues.

3. A Nice Warm Bath

Do you long for the weekends when you dive into your bathtub and waste an hour relaxing? Better continue that weekly habit, as a nice warm bath can help improve blood circulation.

Warm water prompts your arteries and veins to expand. In turn, it creates a better pathway for your blood to flow all over your body. 

Furthermore, a warm bath can be an excellent substitute if you cannot work out regularly. A recent study noted that a hot bath can also reduce inflammation, which is comparable to the effects of exercising. 

For starters, run a warm bath and soak yourself for about half an hour. Also, consider improving the ambiance by lighting some scented candles in the bathroom. 

4. Have Some Tea

We always hear it on TV ads that green tea and black tea can give you that relaxing feeling. Herbal teas do come with antioxidants. Interestingly, some of these antioxidants can help improve your blood circulation.

Several studies correlate green tea consumption and lowering coronary artery disease. Moreover, studies support drinking black tea to promote the health of blood vessels. 

To kick off the tea habit, select an herbal tea that best suits your taste. Boil some water and start brewing. You can drink a cup in the morning, ideally after breakfast. 

5. Get a Good Massage

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book as far as relieving aching muscles. In the same way, getting a soothing massage also improves poor circulation. 

Whenever the therapist presses your body, the pressure pushes blood throughout your body. This means your blood can also pass through the areas of the body where there is congestion. 

Furthermore, a full-body massage can help release lactic acid from your muscles. Lactic acid release is the one that causes the pain on your thighs whenever you climb several flights in the stairs.

The key is to find a good massage therapist. You want someone who has the proper knowledge and professional massage training.

 Alternatively, you may consider investing in a good massage chair. Apart from relieving stress from your body, a massage chair can also help you breathe easier. Sitting on the massage chair for about 15 minutes a day can help improve your blood pressure.

Also, a massage chair can help you digest food more effectively. As you improve your breathing, oxygen will flow better inside your body. In turn, your organs, especially your digestive system can function better because of the improved blood circulation. 

6. Watch Your Weight

Science also says that managing your weight can help improve blood circulation. The larger your body is, the longer your blood needs to travel before reaching your key organs. To make up for this delay, your body will make your heart work double-time to compensate.

Monitor your weight religiously. Invest in a good weighing scale and focus on shedding off those pounds through exercise and a healthy diet.

7. Eat Right

Speaking of diet, you need to start eating right. This means eating a good amount of dark leafy vegetables. You want to get enough Vitamin B and iron. Iron is the key mineral that aids your circulatory system.

Apart from eating spinach, you go for some red meat in moderation. Too much iron in the body can also have adverse effects.

Moreover, get your daily dose of fruits. Cut down on junk foods and replace them with fruits and different superfoods. 

Experience the Best Massagers in Town!

By following these effective tips, you can improve circulation and maintain health and well-being. And if you’re planning to invest in a quality massage chair, we can point you in the right direction.

Connect with us today and let us know what you need. We offer high-quality massagers for your neck, back, legs, and shoulders. Talk to us and let us discuss your options, today! 





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