8 Soothing Ways to Treat Sore Feet After Running

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In today’s COVID environment, going for a daily run is becoming increasingly popular as a form of exercise. The unavailability of gyms and being able to run whilst maintaining distance has meant that a lot of people are taking up running to stay active and healthy.

For new runners (and veteran runners too!) however, your morning jog might result in a whole day’s worth of sore feet! Sore feet is an uncomfortable experience that no one wants to go through. That’s why we’ve got 8 ways to rest and treat sore feet after running. Keep reading to learn more!

Remedies to treat your sore feet after running

1. Elevate your feet

Do your feet hurt after running? Put your feet up! It might not be something you get told to do often, but a great way to alleviate soreness is to elevate your feet. How does it work? Elevating your feet to a point past your heart helps drain excessive fluid. This reduces any swelling you might have picked up during your run. So after you’ve finished your daily run, take 15-20 minutes to just rest, relax and put your feet up before getting on with your day.

2. Ice up

If your feet are extra sore and throbbing after a run, icing them up can be very beneficial. Placing ice on your sore feet can reduce inflammation that causes soreness. You can do this by directly placing an ice pack to your feet or rolling a frozen water bottle underneath them. For the brave of heart, you can treat your feet to an ice bath, which is basically a bucket full of ice. Try icing your feet for 5 – 10 minutes a couple of times during the day to treat soreness.

3. Soak in a warm foot bath

A warm water foot bath can do wonders for your tired and sore feet. It improves circulation and gets blood moving. It also decompresses your muscles and allows them to relax. Adding Epsom salts has also shown to help reduce inflammation. Did we also mention that a warm foot bath is also just super relaxing? So if you’re suffering from sore feet after running, treat your feet to a soothing foot bath for 20 minutes.

4. Invest in proper arch support

If you need to continue standing or walking after a run (for work, for example), purchasing arch support or insoles for your feet can be helpful. Arch supports help by evenly distributing pressure along your feet which can alleviate foot pain after running. Most supports are also cushioning, which provides relief for your sore feet. Make sure to do proper research to find the best support for your feet, ensuring that they fit well and provide adequate comfort.

5. Pain-killing medication

If your sore feet are causing too much discomfort or pain, look to painkillers to provide effective, temporary relief. OTC painkillers such as Panadol and Ibuprofen can reduce foot pain from running, and allow you to continue on your day without wincing every time you take a step. However, make sure you speak with your doctor if you are previously taking medication or begin to  experience side effects.

6. Soothing massage for your feet

A foot massage can help improve circulation in your feet which reduces soreness and swelling. You can give yourself a foot massage or if you have someone willing, another person can give you a massage. Using lotion or oil during the massage can have additional soothing benefits. Alternatively, a foot massager can also be very beneficial if you have one. They’ll thoroughly massage your foot, providing relief and improving foot health.

Tips for preventing sore, painful feet

The following tips are aimed to prevent your feet from getting overly sore in the first place. Doing these before your run can lead to a pain-free or quicker recovery afterwards.

1. Stretch your muscles

It’s common knowledge that stretching can prevent injury yet a lot of runners fail to neglect stretching their feet. You can stretch your feet by curling or raising your toes. It is also a good idea to stretch your calves to prevent your feet from getting too sore. Stretching will warm up your muscles and get them ready for exercise and movement.

2. Wear proper shoes

Ill-fitting shoes are a one way street to sore feet or other foot injuries. Sneakers or running shoes are obvious choices for footwear but it’s also important to make sure that they fit you feet. Too tight and you might start experiencing sore toes after running. Too loose and you can potentially cause a foot injury from running. Make sure you take the time to pick out the right sneaker for you.

When to seek medical help

While these tips are great for treating sore feet after running, you should visit your doctor if:

  • You are experiencing severe pain

  • You feel numbness or tingling in your feet

  • You cannot walk or put pressure on your feet

  • You experience swelling for more than a couple of days

  • Your feet continually hurt for more than a couple of weeks

  • You suspect a more serious foot injury after running

Sore feet no more

Exercising regularly is key to living a healthy and active lifestyle. But injury and soreness can hinder you from doing so. Luckily, with these helpful tips you can start running without the fear of getting sore feet afterwards.

Looking for more ways to maintain an active, pain-free lifestyle? Come visit our blog where you’ll find more articles on how you can start living healthily.





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