8 working from home essentials for maximum productivity.

Working from home was one of the biggest trends in 2020. And as 2021 begins, it looks more and more likely that the trend is here to stay. Now that WFH has become the norm for many, it’s important to make sure to stay just as productive if not even more so! With this working from home essentials guide, you’ll be able to cut out the noise, focus and work with maximum productivity.

More people are now working from home, with roughly 60% of the UK population choosing to work from home (WFH).  Some people who work remotely experience a boost in productivity, but for others, their home workspace can be distracting or promote laziness. How can you ensure that your time working from home is productive? Let’s find out what can help you.

Essential #1 – Ergonomic Chair

Think about how much time you will end up spending sitting on your office chair in one week. Roughly 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, that equals 48 hours on your chair! That’s more than enough reason to make sure your chair is well-made and is of high quality. What goes into a high quality chair?

A good desk chair will be durable and designed to provide back and lumbar support. They will have your posture in mind, and prevent you from experiencing potential back and neck pain. Investing in a quality ergonomic chair will keep your body in top shape and allow you to be more productive during work.

Essential #2 – High quality desk

You might not consider your desk to be something of great importance when it comes to work productivity. But taking into account that your desk will be your battle station for multiple hours in a day, it’s important to have one that is suited to you. What should you consider in having a desk?

Your desk should be set at a correct height to prevent slouched and hunched backs. Ideally, your desk should let you:

  • type with arms parallel to the floor
  • have your feet flat on the floor
  • provide ample space to stretch your legs
  • Be set so your computer monitor is at eye level

If you can’t adjust the height of your desk itself, try putting it on risers, getting a keyboard tray or adjusting your chair’s seat height.

Essential #3 – Music & Headphones

Studies show that roughly 90% of workers perform better when listening to music – so consider it an essential for good WFH productivity! The luxury of working from home is that you can play music through speakers without running the risk of disturbing your co-workers.

In the case that you live with others who are sensitive to your taste in music, investing in good, noise-cancelling headphones is a good idea. Noise-cancelling headphones help you block out any distractions and let you really hone in on the tasks you have.

Essential #4 – Water bottle

Staying hydrated through the working day is key to being happy and productive. Having a drink of water at home is easy since your kitchen is right there but getting up from your desk might break your workflow. Even worse, your trip to the nearest tap might lead to further distraction or procrastination.

Consider buying a quality water bottle for your WFH hydration needs. There are many options, from bottles with huge capacities to ones that stay chilled for a long time. Pick one up that suits your needs!

Essential #5 – Notepads

Notepads are the perfect WFH companion. And we’re talking about physical, ‘write on paper’ kind of notepads – the kind you scribble all sorts of things on. Why is this considered a working from home environment? 

Notepads let you quickly jot down notes and thoughts without breaking your current workflow. Suddenly thought of a great writing prompt? Take a note of it! Your manager’s asked you to do something in the middle of a task? Jot down a reminder. Keep your productivity high without missing a beat with a handy notepad.

Essential #6 – Plants & Greenery

Having indoor, desk plants have become as much of a trend as work from home itself! And with good reason too. Not only do they add a bit of aesthetic and decor to your desk, they can also boost productivity and reduce work-related stress.

Indoor plants contribute to better air quality which helps you work more effectively (but more on that later). Also, since we have a natural tendency to prefer setting switch natural elements, desk plants can also improve mood, concentration and reduce stress.

Essential #7 – Mood-boosting scents

Scents, fragrances and aromas can have various effects on your mood which ties in directly to how productive you are at work. They can spur you into action, help you remember important information or help you relax in high-stress situations.

One of the best ways to introduce aromatics and fragrance into your work from home space is with scented candles. Some examples of different scented candles and their effects are:

  • Citrus scented candles to help you stay awake and attentive.
  • Cinnamon aromas help you improve performance on high-focus work.
  • Rosemary or jasmine to stay calm and chill in high-stress situations.
  • Peppermint scents to help brainstorm and generate ideas.

Essential #8 – Air quality

We mentioned air quality in a previous point but it’s such a ‘working from essential’ that we had to give it a point of its own. The quality of air can greatly affect your work productivity and mental health. Bad air quality refers to air that is laden with pollutants and toxins. They can make you feel heavier, tired and in drastic cases can lead to headaches and nausea.

To eliminate bad air, open up windows to let fresh air in. Alternatively, you can invest in an air purifier or air humidifier to improve air quality and promote a healthier, fresher work environment.

Make working from home more productive than ever!

Make productivity drops a thing of the past with these 8 working from home essentials. Whether you make an effort to invest in high quality work chairs or desks, or you introduce some greenery or fragrance – you’ll end up with a working environment that you’ll be happy to work in!

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