9 Reasons Why You Need a Body Massager Now!

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When you sit down after a hard day’s work, do you feel genuine relief? Studies show over half of the British population may live with chronic pain. Why do you think that is? 

For starters, Brits don’t get enough massages. There are plenty of reasons British people don’t get massages. It costs a few quid, and it takes up time is the most common. 

Plus, who wants strangers rubbing on them all the time? If spending a day at the spa isn’t your idea of a relaxing day, don’t worry, the future is here. Humans are finally coming up with ways to massage themselves, and boy is it capital!

If you walk around moanin’ and groanin’, this article is for you. Take your body into your own hands and relieve some of that tension with a body massager.

What Is a Body Massager?

A body massager is a self-massaging device that delivers feelings of relaxation and bliss at the press of a button. Body massagers target specific points on your body, and they relax muscles, tissues, and stimulate blood flow. 

Body massagers are easy to use and take the place of expensive spa treatments. These tools allow us to instill our sense of peace and relaxation. They are a necessity for anyone who feels like they don’t have the money or the time to experience the serenity massages provide. 

9 Benefits to Body Massagers

This article discusses the nine primary benefits of owning a body massager. The nine benefits discussed in this article are not the only benefits of body massagers. Describing all of the benefits of body massagers would take days. 

1. Reduce Joint and Muscle Pain 

The most well-known benefit to personal massagers is there ability to relieve joint and muscle pain. Working a desk job makes you stare at a screen all day and have your neck and shoulders tense up like a rubber-band. 

When your muscles are tightening that often, muscle and joint pain is unavoidable. Most people associate joint pain with joints- they think if it hurts there, that’s where the problem lies.

Nine times out of ten, it’s not the joint that’s causing the problem; it’s a muscle pulling on the joint. Whether you work manual labor, or work from home, your natural tendency is probably to sit on the couch when you get off work. 

Instead of letting your muscles tighten even more after work, grab your massager and work that tightness out. 

2. Rid Yourself of Migraines

Migraines are debilitating, and they require immediate relief. Tension and stress can cause migraines, and a personal massager relieves tension and stress. See where this is going? Yes, personal managers can treat migraines and severe headaches. 

Start at the shoulders, where the scapulae meet your muscles. Press deep into that crevice- I bet you’ll feel a sensation like no other. Then, gradually make your way up the neck and massage around the head. Eureka! Sweet liberation at last. 

3. Speed Up the Healing Process 

Nothing is more cumbersome than that injury you just can’t shake. The damage may seem minor, but it just doesn’t go away. Personal massagers facilitate healing by increasing blood flow to the injured area. 

If you’ve been working your butt off at the gym or you’ve just been more active, personal massagers can radically improve your performance and recovery.

4. Limber Up 

Working five days a week can make us feel like we are tightening into a ball of yarn. Personal massagers let us unwind. When you don’t use your muscles, they get bored and cranky, and they start tugging at you to let you know it’s time for a rubbing. 

If you find yourself continually cursing how stiff you feel, try a personal massager. You’ll be in a downward dog at the snap of your finger. As you become more flexible, you become more active,  and your muscles get the attention they love and deserve. 

5. Improves Gut Health

Gut health is an integral part of overall health. It can improve your mood, increase energy, and turn you into a better you. Massaging the lining of your stomach can improve digestion, release the psoas, and give your organs relief.

Remember, your organs are made of tissue too. When your organs function better, life is more comfortable and more enjoyable.

6. Stop Wrinkles and Cellulite 

Massaging doesn’t just stretch your muscles; it also stretches your skin. Stretching your muscles back into their intended positions prevents your skin from clumping and sagging in areas. 

Massaging restores the natural balance of skin and muscle tautness.

7. Improves Weight Loss 

Aside from the indirect weight loss benefits, massaging can also burn fat by deep muscle activation. You’re not going to lose 15 lbs from massaging only, but when you’re looking to shed some weight, anything helps!

8. Better Sleep 

Your mind can’t relax if you’re body is always in pain and stress. Your brain needs a place of calm and stillness to shut off. Anxiety can cause insomnia, and tight muscles can cause anxiety. Working the tension out of your muscles has a direct impact on how well you can relax your brain. 

After those long days, you need to shut off. You can’t do that if your body is wound up. 

9. Blood Circulation 

Blood flow doesn’t only facilitate healing. It can also improve nerve issues such as neuropathy. When your muscles are tight, they don’t just impinge on joints; they affect nerves as well.

So when you wake up in the middle of the night, and your arm is dead asleep, remember why you neglected to pick up a personal massager. Do yourself a favor, massage before you go to bed, and sleep comfortably.

Your Personal Massager Awaits 

Grabbing a personal massager is a milestone in your pain management career. There’s nothing like coming home from a long day’s work and seeing your love waiting for you. Don’t hesitate any longer, check out these amazing products today, and start your healing journey.





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