As German Stress Levels Rise, Try Out Our Electric Massage Chairs!

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German people are often seen by other countries as having a good quality of life. They tend to have lots of access to outdoor space, decent housing, and plenty of job opportunities.

However, work environments and the pressures of daily life and grind means that German people’s stress levels are rising. What people need is a way to de-stress and relax after a hard day at the office.

In this article, we will go through the benefits of what an electric massage chair can bring to your life. You will be feeling more relaxed and tranquil in no time! 

Read on to find out more about all the great advantages a massage chair can offer.

Reduces and Soothes Lower Back Pain

As people get busier and have less time to themselves, this puts unnecessary strain and pain on the joints and the body.

Over time this can lead to problems in the back and spine, especially if you are doing repetitive movements and doing any heavy lifting.

Germans that suffer from back pain have a 70% chance of it recurring, in fact, it is rapidly becoming a major issue for many Germans.

Using a massage chair helps to reduce and soothe lower back pain and actively helps to combat the pain you do have.

Used in tandem with other treatments you will have significantly reduced pain in your lower back.  This means you are able to get back to feeling unrestricted movement in your body.

Protection from Injury

It is important that you release any stress and tension from your body on a regular basis to keep and maintain your fitness levels.

Using a massage chair enables you to release any built-up tension in your body. It keeps your body in good shape and preventing injuries through regular use.

By focusing your chair on any parts of the body that are stiff and sore from exercise allows greater movement and recovery for the body.

Improves your Posture

Do you ever feel like you aren’t sitting correctly or your posture is poor? Chances are that your body isn’t naturally sitting in an alignment that is comfortable on your muscles or bones.

Poor posture can lead to health problems further down the line if not dealt with correctly, such as spinal dysfunction and poor digestion. 

A massage chair can help with this as it stimulates the muscle in your back and neck which are critical in helping with correcting bad posture.

It improves blood circulation and realigns your spine leading to a better posture and all the health benefits which come with it.

Improves Digestion

If like many Germans nowadays, you might have a problem with digestion or a certain intolerance to a certain food group.

This can come with a range of nasty side effects such as constipation, trapped wind, or even IBS.

This can be very restricting on your habits and daily life if you are impacted or suffer a bad attack of it. 

Massage chairs can help with aiding digestion by promoting blood circulation and the body’s organs are able to break down certain foods in the stomach quicker with less of a struggle.

Using a massage chair a few hours after you have eaten will help with the process of digestion and allowing your body’s digestive organs to work more efficiently.

Helping with Rehabilitation

If you have been unfortunate enough to be in an accident or are suffering from some kind of injury, a massage chair is a great device that can be used as part of your rehabilitation.

Injuries such as whiplash or even sports injuries such as a muscle strain or stiffness can be helped and alleviated by the use of a massage chair regularly. 

It can provide comfort and relief from certain pains in the areas of your body that are affected, stimulating the blood circulation and allowing nutrients and blood to reach the desired areas.

If you have experienced an accident or injury that is detrimental to your overall movement and mobility with your muscles, a massage chair can help you begin to recover from it.

Improving Your Flexibility 

Even if you try and maintain a healthy lifestyle and do regular exercise you might not have too much of a range in flexibility in your muscles and joints. This is due to a lack of stretching before and after you exercise.

Having a good range of flexibility is important to your muscles and overall health. It can prevent further injuries or stiffness and also contribute to your muscle’s structure and tone.

Massage chairs are great for developing your flexibility and muscle strength and optimising blood flow around the body.

Stronger Immune System

The regular use of a massage chair can do wonders for your immune system. It can help your heart function better with easier blood circulation around the body, ensuring organs and muscles are getting oxygenated quickly.

This is ideal for people with comprised immune systems or who suffer from any heart irregularities or disorders.

It gives your immune system a boost and a helping hand to stimulate your circulation systems and allows your body to keep in a healthier condition than it otherwise would be. 

An Electric Massage Chair: Where Do I Find Out More?

We hope that you have found this article helpful when it comes to selecting your very own electric massage chair.

It’s amazing all of the fantastic health benefits you can receive as a result of using one regularly and incorporating it into your daily routine

It can help and improve a whole range of people’s lifestyles who are currently suffering from various pain.

If you have any further questions or queries why not check out our previous blog posts? Or why not contact us directly? We would love to hear from you.





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