Benefits of Using a Handheld Massager at Home

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Your body aches, but the investment in regular massages can take a toll on your wallet. Plus, it takes time to book an appointment and block part of your day to get to a massage therapist for relief from muscle aches.

What if you could enjoy the benefits of massage without the time and ongoing investment? When you use a handheld massager at home, you can reduce pain at your convenience and for less money. 

Keep reading to learn about some of the best benefits of using a handheld massager! 

It’s Portable!

You don’t have to make an appointment with your handheld massager. It’s ready to help ease muscle aches whenever — and wherever — you are. 

You don’t need a lot of space or an intricate set-up to use a handheld massager. Find a comfortable position in a chair or on the floor. Make sure you can reach your pain point with the massager to help it effectively treat the area. 

Unless it operates with batteries, your portable handheld massager has only one location requirement: be sure you position yourself close to an electrical outlet!

It’s Natural! 

It can feel like the quick-fix for pain is medication. Pop some aspirin or see your doctor to get a prescription for pain medication. 

However, if you want to avoid popping more pills or becoming dependent on a daily dose of aspirin to ease muscle pains, a handheld massager provides a natural solution. 

Pain medications don’t heal a problem in your body. These types of meds treat the symptom of pain. Most pain is a result of a problem. 

Your handheld massager not only eases pain, but it also treats your muscles — the source of muscle pain! Your massager works into your tissue to loosen tight spots and reduce the knots caused by muscle strain and overactivity. 

If you choose a percussion massager, you’re in for a treat! Vibration helps penetrate deep into your muscle tissue. This helps provide more significant muscle tension release to remove your pain. 

It Improves Mobility!

The day after a hard workout, your muscles might ache in protest. If you work a physical job, you know the daily pain of tired muscles at the end of your workday. 

Low-activity jobs are tough on muscles, too. Sitting at a computer all day puts your muscles into unnatural positions. If you don’t get up and move enough throughout the day, your muscles will complain!

A handheld massager helps relax your muscles to get through your day-to-day activity. When your muscles ache after a strenuous workout, use your handheld massager to keep muscles loose.

After a long day on the construction site or delivering packages, your handheld massager can ease muscle tension, so you wake up ready for another day at work tomorrow. If you sit for your job, use your massager to loosen muscles that contract from a seated position throughout the day. 

When muscles stay loose, your flexibility and mobility improve!

It Reduces Stress!

Stress relief is one of the best benefits of massage, but you don’t have to spend time with a massage therapist to enjoy this perk. 

Using a handheld massager effectively can help your stress float away at the end of the day. When you feel stress or anxiety, muscles can become tense. Your massager helps ease the tension in your muscles, which can provide an overall sense of stress relief. 

Regular massage also helps adjust the chemicals in your brain. Stress and anxiety often result from your brain’s chemical responses to circumstances or feelings.

Massage helps your body produce calm-inducing chemicals to counteract feelings of anxiety or stress. With a handheld massager, you can focus on improving your total well-being.

It Increases Blood Flow!

Proper blood flow throughout your body has plenty of benefits. When you increase blood flow, your body responds in positive ways, including:

  • Stronger heart muscles and arteries
  • Better oxygen flow to vital organs and extremities
  • Lower blood pressure

If you often have cold hands or feet, feel overly-fatigued, stiff muscles, and trouble digesting foods, you might suffer from poor blood circulation. A handheld massager can help stimulate better blood flow and improve your body functions!

It Helps Improve Your Sleep!

Poor blood flow and aching muscles can keep you awake at night. If you deal with constant stress and anxiety, you might struggle to fall and stay asleep. 

Using a handheld massager can help you ease pain and stress to help your body sleep better. Just a few minutes with your massager on painful muscles and your neck and shoulders can help you sleep better.

Be careful when using your handheld massager too close to bedtime. Massage can stimulate brain activity. If racing thoughts keep you from falling asleep, plan your massage session earlier in the evening to help your brain adjust before bedtime. 

Be Safe When Using Your Massager

To get the most out of your handheld massager, practice safe usage. 

  • Never use it on your head, throat, or face
  • Don’t use it with loose clothing that could become tangled
  • Avoid use near water, like bathtubs and sinks
  • Start with the low-intensity setting, then gradually increase as your body allows

If regular use of your handheld massager doesn’t improve your aches and pains, be sure you see a doctor. They can help determine if you have a more severe health issue that your massager can’t resolve.

The Best Handheld Massager Can Improve Your Health

Choosing the right handheld massager can help improve your health! When you understand the benefits of using your massager at home for a few minutes each day, you’ll want to start your massage habit right away. 

At OSIM, we offer a variety of at-home portable and chair massage options to enhance your well-being. Click to view some of our products online!





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