Best Massage Chairs in the UK: Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

Many people began feeling some form of recurring body pain as the pandemic stretched on. One study revealed that 81 per cent are experiencing pain in their backs, necks or shoulders. It also showed that 48 per cent of the respondents have grown sedentary because their work-from-home setup doesn’t present many opportunities for them to be physically active.

If you’re struggling with the same problem, regular therapeutic massages can help alleviate chronic pains and aches in muscles, tendons and joints. But how do you do this when we still aren’t fully back to pre-pandemic levels?

Having your own massage chair is the perfect solution if you still can’t go out or don’t have time to try other pain management methods. You can get a massage at home anytime you want, so you can easily fit the sessions into your busy schedule.

The key is to buy a high-quality massage chair that targets your problem areas and offers your preferred pressure level. We’ve listed some of the best massage chairs in the UK this 2021 below to help you find the perfect model for your needs.

2021 Best Massage Chairs in the UK

uLove 2 Massage Chair

Designed to deliver the sensation of two expert masseuses, uLove 2 is a full-body massage chair that gives you spa-worthy treatment at home. It offers luxurious pressure from head to toe so your whole body gets a deep, relaxing massage.


The uLove 2 is powered by a revolutionary 4-Hand Massage technology, which has four sets of powerful rollers that can reach your deep tissues and muscles. It also boasts the patented Intelligent V-Hand™ Massage Technology with 720° roller balls that roll along every contour of the body and target those stubborn muscle knots.

The best thing about the uLove 2 is you can customise it according to your lifestyle. Browse through the chair’s curated suite of auto massage programs to find a setting that meets your pain alleviation needs. If you’re sharing the chair with your family, you can quickly switch between different settings when somebody else needs to use it.

On top of its advanced massage capabilities, the uLove 2 also comes with new and improved speakers that elevate your massage experience. Play your favourite calming playlist during your massage session to set the relaxing mood!


Priced at £5,380, the uLove 2 has quite a hefty price tag, which is its biggest downside. However, the price is well worth it since you are getting advanced massage technologies and additional convenience features. You can also take advantage of Osim’s ‘buy now, pay later’ financing scheme and free shipping within the UK and Europe to minimise your expenses.

uDivine V Massage Chair

This full-body massage chair is designed to loosen up tense muscles, relax the mind, and improve overall sleep quality. Even a quick, 15-minute massage session before bedtime can help you fall asleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.


Closely emulating the sophisticated techniques of a real masseuse, the uDivine V also uses V-Hand™ Technology to reach deep into those deep-seated knots that cause pain and discomfort. The 720° roller balls relieve tension in different parts of your body and relax your muscles to promote better sleep quality.

The uDivine V has rollers that target the lumbar area and buttocks, which is a capability that not all massagers have. So, this chair is perfect if you suffer from chronic lower back pain and even bad posture. It also has dedicated thigh-targeting rollers to relieve aches due to prolonged sitting.

Additionally, if you frequently get migraines or neck and shoulder pain, you can use uDivine V’s head and upper body massager for instant relief.

Besides its cutting-edge massage technologies, the uDivine V is equipped with advanced lifestyle features too. It has an eye massager and a heated massage option as well as smart safety sensors that keep the chair from overheating.


One of the drawbacks of this massage chair is that it can be uncomfortable to sleep in. You can use it for a short 15-minute nap just to refresh your mind, but we don’t recommend sleeping for a whole night on your massage chair. You can get more comfortable on the chair by adjusting the recline, footrest and side panels.

uJolly Back Massager

This ergonomically designed back massager delivers deep tissue relief by loosening stiff and aching muscles in your back, shoulders and neck. The uJolly massager has a slim and compact design, so you can use it while on the couch or in bed then easily put it away afterwards.


The uJolly is powered by V-Grip Technology, which follows the contours of your body precisely. This technology provides a human-like massage experience on your shoulders and lumbar area, so it’s perfect if you have chronic upper or lower back pain.

If you want an even deeper massage, you can turn on the uJolly’s warm air feature for a spa-like experience. Heated massages are known to relax the muscles more, making them more pliant to the rolling and pressing movements of the chair. This way, the massage rollers and airbags penetrate deeper into your muscles, getting rid of those stubborn knots.

The uJolly offers four specialised massage programs: neck and shoulders, lumbar, relax and energise. You can switch the setting depending on what your body needs, whether it’s a gentle, after-work kneading or a more intense massage to relieve pain in your lumbar or shoulders.


The disadvantage of uJolly, just like any back massager, is its limited functions. You would have to buy a separate massage if you want to work on your legs or arms. Plus, the pressure control capabilities of this massager aren’t in the same range as the kind you get from full-body massage chairs.

Keep in mind, though, that back massagers like uJolly are designed for people who mainly struggle with chronic back pain. If you’re suffering from other body aches, you’ll get more value from a full-body massager.

The Verdict

These three massagers are well worth every penny. However, the question of whether or not they’ll deliver the results you want depends on your lifestyle and needs.

If you want to emulate a 5-star spa experience at home and are willing to pay a premium, the uLove 2 is the massage chair for you. If you’re looking for a less expensive option but still want a full-body massage, then opt for the uDivine V. Finally, the uJolly massager is your best bet if you’re on a tight budget but want something that can effectively ease your chronic back pain.

High-Quality Massagers for Muscle Pain Relief

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