Efficient Air Pollution Solutions: A Breath of Fresh Air

Do you sometimes feel like it’s difficult to breathe? It might be because of the poor air quality. Air quality is a measure of how clean or polluted the air is and the biggest threat to it is air pollution. Air pollution consists of various harmful pollutants created by humans such as car emissions. And it gradually affects your wellbeing such as trouble breathing and asthma. But we have solutions to prevent you from that situation.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at air pollution including the causes and effects of it, as well as the air pollution solutions.

What is air pollution?

Air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Some air pollutants are poisonous such as harmful gases, benzene, and hydrogen chloride. This can put people at huge risk of getting health issues such as heart disease or asthma. Also, air pollution isn’t just outdoor – the air quality of indoor environments also affects your health and wellbeing.

What causes air pollution?

Air pollution is commonly caused by toxic substances in the atmosphere. It is usually produced by human activities or from natural resources, including:

  • Dust storms
  • Industrial emissions
  • Burning of fossil fuels
  • Vehicle pollution
  • Climate change
  • Use of chemical and synthetic products
  • Construction and agricultural activities
  • Unventilated indoor environment
  • Smoking

Air pollution effects

After knowing the causes of air pollution, you may wonder about the effects of it. Air pollution can impact both the ecological environment and human health. These include:

  • Accelerated global warming
  • Wildlife endangerment
  • Acid rain
  • Respiratory issues such as asthma
  • Heart diseases or lung damage
  • Allergy
  • Smog effect

Solution of pollution

Until this point, we have covered the causes and effects of air pollution. We know that pollution is not only produced outdoors but also indoors.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into both outdoor and indoor solutions to air.

The outdoor pollution solutions:

Solution 1 – Eco-Friendly Transportation

As a major cause of air pollution, vehicle-based solutions are listed on the top of solutions list. Gas-powered vehicles consume a ton of energy before even getting onto the road. So, it’s time to shift to electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles. Electric cars use renewable energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is seen as the most environmentally friendly transportation. On top of that, taking public transport and carpooling with your friends are also recommended to reduce air pollution.

Solution 2 – Solar heating

A solar panel is often sighted on the roof of your home. It collects the energy from the sun to heat water, power appliances, and heat your entire house. While performing these functions, it reduces pollution emissions, thereby helping to improve air quality.

Solution 3 – Reduce the usage of plastic bags

As you may be aware that many places encourage consumers to reduce the usage of plastic bags. This is because the production of plastic bags actually produces a lot of carbon and other air pollutants, which is extremely harmful to air quality. As a result, recycled bags are highly recommended in order to reduce pollution emissions.

Solution 4 – Reduce smoking

We all know that smoking damages your health but we tend to forget the fact that it also causes air pollution. Reducing the frequency of smoking can improve your health and air quality at the same time.

The Indoor Pollution Solutions:

Solution 1 – Leave Your Windows Open

This is the simplest thing you can do to improve your indoor air quality – and it doesn’t cost anything! Simply open your bedroom and living room windows to let some fresh air in. This can displace harmful air pollutants in exchange for fresh air. It will then improve your indoor air quality.

Solution 2 – Greening Decorations

Indoor plants can help to improve air quality by filtering out volatile compounds in the air. For example, spider plants are well known for reducing benzene and carbon dioxide. At the same time, indoor plants also play a role in greening the indoor environment. Just keep in mind that although indoor plants are pretty, they sometimes collect and foster mold growth.  If you are concerned about indoor allergens, you should keep greenery outdoors.

Solution 3 – Change AC filters

AC filters collect dust and particles to prevent them from being recirculated throughout your house. No matter what type of air conditioners you use, filters should be regularly changed. So, the more often they’re cleaned, the better it functions. And of course, the better indoor air quality you’ll get.

Solution 4 – Clean with non-toxic chemicals

Many cleaning chemicals that we get from the stores contain toxic chemicals. Although it works well, it has risks of getting eye, nose, throat, or lung irritation. So, a greener option is more recommended – using non-toxic chemicals such as vinegar. It provides the same cleaning power without the added harmful fumes.

Solution 5 – Invest in an air purifier

Many people wake up with different symptoms such as coughing or difficulty breathing. This is due to indoor allergens such as excessive dust and particles. Investing in an air purifier at home can help to reduce the risk of allergies. It filters out the smallest particles that are most harmful to your well-being. On top of that, air purifiers are portable and easy to use. You can turn it on whenever and wherever you need.

Improve Your Well Being – Start With A Health Air Quality

There are millions of air pollution solutions, from outdoors to indoors. But air purifiers seem to be the most efficient solution that should be a part of your health routine!

Not sure where to find the best air purifier for your air pollution solutions? Check out OSIM with a range of air purifiers offered. If you are also interested in more articles about improving your wellbeing, come and visit OSIM Wellness Blog. You surely can find something that you are into!




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