Feeling like your home could use a bit of greenery to liven it up? These 12 popular house plants are exactly what you and your home need!

Have you ever felt that your home could use a touch of greenery? House plants have been shown to bring a host of benefits to your home, including reduced stress and improved productivity. And while you might not think you have the greenest of thumbs, there are many popular house plants that are low maintenance yet just as capable of bringing some life to your home.

So what are the most popular houseplants that you should consider growing in your home? Read on to find out!

#1 – Devil’s Ivy

This sinister sounding plant isn’t named because of it’s sinful nature – it’s actually because like the devil itself, it’s almost impossible to kill! Devil’s Ivy are fast growing, climbing plants that only need very little to survive.

They produce large, glossy leaves and with only a touch of light and a dash of water, you’ll have your own beautiful green houseplant growing in your own home.

#2 – Mass Cane

Mass canes (otherwise known as corn plants) hail from Africa and are a fairly large plant with bulky stems and long, green leaves. They’re known to be incredibly low maintenance, surviving through periods of neglect from their owners. A weekly water and indirect, bright light can bring the most out of these popular house plants.

#3 – Peace Lily

Also known as the closet plant, peace lilies are incredibly popular houseplants and for good reason. They’re easy to care for and their white ‘hood’ brings in something new and refreshing amongst the greens of other plants.

Peace lilies do not require frequent watering, fertilising or exposure to sunlight. Take things easy and you’ll have a healthy, attractive plant for your home.

#4 – Snake Plants

Snake plants go by another name – mother-in-law’s tongue. The exact reasons are a little unclear but we chalk it up to their stubbornness and straightforwardness! Snake plants are superbly tolerant, resistant to insects and only require minimal watering. To top it all off, they have also been shown to act like humidifiers and purifiers which purify the air inside your home.

#5 – Yucca

Yuccas are the gentle giants of the houseplant world. They’re slow growing plants with large leaves, and their thick trunks are able to store water. Because of this, yuccas are very low maintenance and can actually be considered to be ‘zero maintenance’ plants. Infrequent pruning of dead or damaged leaves can help keep these indoor trees in check and looking good.

#6 – Rubber Plants

Named after their rubber-creating sap, and their rubbery, thick leaves, rubber plants are an attractive addition to any home. Native to Asia, rubber plants are capable of growing to surprising heights if cared for properly. They prefer bright, indirect light, frequent watering and room temperature environments. At their best, they can brighten up any room of the house.

#7 – Philodendron

These large, indoor plants are a favourite for plant lovers. After all, they’re name literally means ‘love trees’ in Greek. Philodendrons are easy to care for and will ‘tell’ you when they’re being neglected with wilting stems and paling leaves. Unlike the previously mentioned plants, philodendrons need fertiliser in addition to water and sunlight to be healthy.

#8 – Bamboo Plants

Add a touch of Asia to your home with the exotic bamboo plants. Bamboo plants are easy to grow, lush, and contribute a lot of greenery to any room. Despite their low maintenance, bamboo growth will quickly stunt if neglected. Make sure that bamboo plants receive at least 1 inch of water a week and are exposed to plenty of sunlight.

#9 – Monstera

The popular Monstera are appropriately named – their monster-sized leaves are truly a sight to behold. Their unique leaf holes or fenestrations are also reasons as to why they are so popular. They’re great for beginner gardeners and new plant parents as they only require little care – water every 1-2 weeks and medium indirect light. 

#10 – Spider Plant

Spider plants are amongst the easiest to grow and take care of. They are highly adaptable and suffer from very few problems. Spider plants truly flourish when planted in well-drained soil and put in areas of bright, indirect light. Occasional pruning and watering (making sure not to overwater) can also help them grow healthily.

#11 – Pothos

Pothos are very popular, with their sprawling stems and leaves adding much needed greenery and foliage to rooms and living spaces. They do not require a lot of attention, from light to water to soil conditions. The only downside to the pothos plants is that they are actually poisonous and can cause illness if a pet or a young child decide to take a nibble.

#12 – Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a truly popular plant with it’s healing benefits making it a mainstay in skincare, medicines and health foods. They are attractive succulents, perfect for the home office or the coffee table. Aloe vera are easy to take care of. They prefer indirect sunlight, deep but infrequent watering and well-drained soil to go in.

Pick a house plant for your home today

We’ve given you the list, all that’s left for you to do is make a decision and pick one out! Whether it’s the large yucca or the small aloe vera, you’re sure to find a plant that adds a touch of nature to your home.

Looking for more than the most popular house plants for your home and wondering how else to improve your wellbeing? The OSIM Wellness Blog has more great articles like this one, all designed to improve your overall health – both body and mind! Head on over now to start living a more inspired and healthy life now.




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