Give the Gift of Relaxation, Get Them One of These Massagers

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A massage doesn’t just feel good. It can also improve your immune system and relieve stress, which benefits your overall health. 

There’s no better way to show you love and care for someone than the gift of good health.

So, if you are in search of a present this Christmas add massagers to your list. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they can treat any type of pain, from your temples down to your toes.

Read on to find the best massagers on the market this year from Osim.

Chairs and Sofas

Imagine coming home from a long day at work to your own personal masseuse. An even better option is a piece of furniture that does the job of 2 or more people. Plus, they don’t expect a tip or small talk.

Our chairs and sofas are the ultimate electric massager because it gives you a full body rub down all at once. You don’t need to manually move from one aching muscle to another. All you have to do is sit back and relax. 

Discover our professional massage chairs and sofas below.

uLove 2

Experience one the best massages you’ve ever had with this 4-hand massage chair. 

The V-hand 720-degree roller balls make your massage feel like a real shoulder massage. You can even adjust the shoulder height according to your body type.

One pair of “hands” roll down your back as the second pair moves down your bottom and thighs. Control them to your perfect customised pressure and heat with a touch of a button.

A synchronised recline feature offers you a weightless massage, making you feel like you are resting on a cloud. Add music or ocean waves to the 3D surround sound built-in speakers with Bluetooth technology to feel completely on cloud 9.

All your pressure, customisation, and targeted muscles can be tracked on the personalised app.  Use the built-in massage programs to work out special kinks and download new ones as they are designed. 



The minimalist and sleek design make this massage chair useful for everyday lounging. Yet, hidden in its discrete exterior is a deluxe massage experience. 

Its massage uses the V-hand shape to hit pressure points starting at your shoulders and down to your bottom, mimicking the movements of real masseuse’s hands.

Choose from automated massage programs like ones that focus on your neck and shoulders or lumbar and butt. Or use the options that promote relaxing after a long day and energising to get you going in the morning.

There are also programs that promote a better night’s sleep and improve bodily motions by stretching the muscles. Further customise the programs with up to five levels of pressure.

Its full-body relief technology uses airbags to gently cradle you from head to toe. While the height detection at your shoulders adjusts for ultimate comfort. 

uDiva 2

This modern personal sofa transforms into eight variations of reclining and massaging options. 

The back cushion lifts to be used as an upright or reclined electronic back massager. It alternates between a power ball and a massage roller to dig deep into the knots in your neck and shoulders and then sooth aches along the spine.

Convert the footrest into an ottoman, or a reclined or upright leg massager. 

Six massage programs include the head and neck, lumbar, happy hour (for those who suffer from office chair pains), spa (a full-body toning session), sport recovery (to rejuvenate sore muscles), and energise (deep tissue massage).

Lower Body Massagers

Massaging your legs and feet have a range of health benefits.

Ancient Chinese foot reflexology connects parts of the feet to major organs in the body. Massaging them could promote sleep, improve energy, and even heal certain ailments like headaches. 

Use this leg and foot massager from Osim to improve your overall well-being.

uPhoria Warm Leg Massager

The five different settings let you direct your massage to where you need it the most.

Using a combination of Tui-na massage of deep consistent movements with a quick kneading pattern, the uPhoria relieves tension and hits major pressure points.

Squeeze the restlessness and soreness out of your legs and feet with the wrapping and kneading program. Add the reflexology rotating balls to the bottom of your feet for complete indulgence. 

The vibration setting is great for stress relief and detoxification. And the additional warmth feature improves circulation and relaxes muscles. 

It also includes 8 preset programs. The most popular one relieves high heel pain, focusing on the balls and arches of the feet as well as the calves. 

Upper Body Massagers

You hold the most tension in your shoulders and lower neck, which could be a side effect of poor posture and/or emotional stress. Relieving this tension is important for a healthy body and mind. 

Use these upper body massagers to remove the load of stress carried throughout the day. 


Use this shiatsu massager on any chair or even in bed for a deep-tissue back massage anywhere.

The V-Grip design firmly grasps your neck and shoulders to replicate a human touch. A pressing knead formation targets sore spots on your lumbar to relieve pressure after sitting for a long time. 

Use the heat feature to soothe tension and relax the body.

Portable back massagers are perfect for getting ready for bed or unwinding from the day. 

There are four programs to choose from. Focus on the neck and shoulder or concentrate the massage on your lumbar. Also, choose between relaxing or energising mode. 

uCozy 3D

Use this neck massager to soothe tension and increase circulation from your head to the rest of your body. 

The pillow-shape contours to your neck and kneads four rotating balls that alleviate pain using warmth and precision. Plus, its compact size makes it useful at work, in the car, or at home in bed.

Don’t just use it on your neck. It also works on your lumbar and even sore thighs. 

Portable Massagers

There is nothing greater than having a massage anytime and anywhere. That is what makes these portable massagers so wonderful to have handy. 

Leave one in your car or at the office for instant relief from a tough day. Most are battery operated so there is no need to go searching for an outlet. 

Check out these latest designs.


The first of its kind, this eye massager uses the healing effects of the moonlight, noise therapy, and gentle massage to brighten the eyes. 

A light vibrating massage brings a vibrancy to the eye area by relieving tension. The warming effect improves circulation while the airbag massager soothes the temple, eye area, upper cheekbones near the eye bags.

The lighting generates a sense of calm with three settings: cool mood, warm mood, and a combination of both. This either creates serenity with a cool mood or a revitalisation with warm mood light. 

Three music options add to the ambiance and relaxation techniques. 

Customise your experience with massage pressure settings, a timer, adjustable brightness, and volume options. 

The microfiber interior feels soft over your face while the shell contours to your structure with a bendable frame and adjustable strap. 

uCrown 3

Use heat, vibration, sound, and acupuncture in this head massager to cure headaches and promote circulation. 

Its airbag massage pinpoints pressure areas used in acupuncture to reduce insomnia, increase concentration, induce energy, and relieve stress. The added vibration loosens tense muscles leading to increased blood flow.

The massage includes built-in speakers and comes with a pair of headphones to enjoy your own music. Add some soothing heat therapy to the mix and pretend you are relaxing on the beach in the sun. 

Adjust the cap to your head’s specifications for a perfect fit. And if it begins to feel uncomfortable or too tight just hit the release button to remove it and change the settings. 

Bring this life-saver with you anywhere for instant relief as it is battery operated.

Give the Gift of Health Today

Getting a massage can be a treat but it should also be viewed as a treatment for your well-being. It can relieve stress that could cause serious health problems if prolonged. Taking time for yourself is well worth the effort.

Massagers are an easy and enjoyable way to pave the way toward a healthier lifestyle. Giving someone you love the chance to feel good can change their life in more ways than you can believe. 

For more tips on changing your habits for the better visit our wellness tips section.





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