GUIDE: How Long Should You Sit in Your Massage Chair?

If you just bought your first-ever massage chair, then we know how excited you are to spend each night loosening up your stiff muscles and relieving your stress, especially after a long day at work. We know that you’re looking forward to many days of rejuvenation and comfort ahead of you.

We have to warn you, though. As a first-time massage chair owner, you may want to take it slow. Using a massage chair for the first time feels like trying out a new exercise routine. It will stretch and knead your muscles in ways that your body isn’t used to yet, so you’ll likely feel a bit sore afterward. 

If you overuse your chair or get a massage that’s too intense for your first session, you might end up with worse muscle pain than before you used the chair. So, it’s best to stick to brief massage sessions during your first few weeks of using your new chair.

Starting with Brief Massage Sessions

Start with light, 15-minute sessions firstif you’re not used to using a massage chair yet. Any longer than that, and you risk hurting your muscles or even triggering flare-ups of old injuries.Even if you’re used to deep-tissue massages, we still recommend starting slow since the kneading and pressing movements you get from a massage chair are a bit different from a real masseuse experience.

Full-body massage chairs often have pre-set programs designed to lightly massage the back, nape of the neck, shoulders, arms and legs. These are ideal for new users like you who are still getting used to the sensation of a massage chair.

But if you’re planning to focus on a specific area, like if you have chronic lower back pain, for example, it’s best to stick to short 5- or 10-minute massages to avoid overworking that body part. 

Limit your massages to once or twice a week for the first couple of weeks, depending on how sore your muscles feel after each session. As your body gets used to using a massage chair, you can slowly work your way up to more frequent sessions.

How Long Should You Use Your Massage Chair? 

Even when you’ve already grown accustomed to your massage chair, it’s still best to keep your sessions short to prevent muscle and joint aches, especially if you’re targeting a specific body part or getting a deep tissue massage.

You can extend your session to 30 minutes at most if you’re working on different body parts at a time. Say, for example, you can use the foot massager for 10 minutes, the lower back massager for 15 minutes, and the shoulder massager for another 10. 

You also want to be careful of getting deep tissue massages. Although the risk of harm is low, deep tissue massages may not be suitable if you have any of the following: 

  • Nerve injury
  • Increased risk of injury
  • Old injuries that have a tendency of flaring up
  • Any recent surgery 
  • Skin conditions 
  • History of wounds not healing well
  • Hernia

Your massage chair will be more effective if you seek the medical advice of a licensed physiotherapist or chiropractor. They’ll help you come up with a massage treatment plan that takes your overall health into account and help you manage your chronic pain conditions, if you have any.

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