Here’s How to Pick the Best Back Massager for Your Back Pain

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Massages do more than help relieve muscle tension, they release endorphins, lower blood pressure, and reduce your heart rate.

Spending hours on your feet combined with poor posture wreaks havoc on your back. A sore back can limit your ability to perform tasks at work and makes enjoying your favourite activities difficult.

While we would all love to get professional a massage every day, most of us don’t have the time or money to do so.

Investing in a back massager is the perfect compromise. Many types of massagers come with different sets of features.

Some massagers focus on the upper back and neck while others help your lower back and legs. Most have a range of settings allowing you the ability to pick the right massage intensity. With the many types of back massagers on the market today, there’s one out there to fit your needs.

The only trouble is how do you pick the best back massager with so many on the market? Here’s how you can find the best back massager for your back pain.

What Makes A Quality Back Massager?

As with any big purchase, you need to know why you want a back massager and your budget. Most back massage chairs will be an investment. The higher your budget means more features and a better quality massage.

There are still plenty of quality back massagers for lower budgets. OSIM offers small and portable back massagers for under $1,000. You’ll also find several sleek designs loaded with many extras and special features.

With your budget and reasons for a back massager established, start looking for chairs based on their features. You can find back massagers loaded with plenty of extra features, entertainment, and settings to fit your every need. Others stick to the essentials focusing on providing you with a quality massage.

Best Back Massager for Back Pain

Searching for a quality back massager doesn’t have to be another pain in your neck. Check out these highly-rated massagers that will have you feeling as good as new.

uDeluxe Massage Chair

At first look, the uDeluxe Massage Chair offers a sleek design in a Posh Gray and tan and gray combinations to complement any home. This 3-in-1 massage chair doubles as a comfortable sofa and lounger for when you need a comfortable seat.

The Massage

The uDeluxe Massage Chair offers an unlimited number of massage combinations for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home. It incorporates a V-Hand massage for deep knots in your neck and shoulders. The Long Track massage technology gently massages your entire back from your neck to your bottom.

The armrests gently massage and relieve tension from your arms and hands. Take advantage of the extendable leg and foot massager to relax the muscles and tendons in your calves, feet, and ankles.

Tailor each massage to your exact needs by controlling the intensity and combining different massages. The chair will automatically detect your shoulders to ensure your massages target the proper areas.

The auto massage programs target specific areas and include:

  • Your neck and shoulders
  • Lumbar and butt areas
  • Loosens muscles to improve your range of motion
  • Assists with relaxation and sleep
  • Improve circulation and energise you for the day ahead

Additional Features

For ultimate relaxation, the uDeluxe has multiple reclining options including a zero-gravity setting. It improves circulation in your body by elevating your legs while also releasing tension in your hips and thighs.

The zero-gravity reclining setting takes the pressure off your spine and hips. It gently stretches your chest for improved lung capacity.

If safety is a concern, massage and technology experts designed the chair ensuring it meets all International Quality and Safety Standards.

This chair gets a high rating for its many massage settings, sleek understated design, and guaranteed safety. After just a few uses of the uDeluxe Massage Chair, you’ll feel like a whole new person.

uDiva 2 Massage Chair

If you’re looking for a back massager chair that fits seamlessly in your home or apartment, the uDiva 2 Smart Sofa is one of the best-looking massage chairs out there. It’s compact and chic but still promises a professional-quality massage.

You might question the quality of the chair’s massage power at first glance. But don’t let this chair’s small appearance and good looks fool you. Its massage capabilities keep up with the other massage chairs in the OSIM line.

Today, many people who live in small homes or apartments look for multi-functional furniture. The uDiva 2 has an extendable backrest and footrest with several different massage settings. When it’s not in use, the chair transforms back into a compact sofa perfect for entertaining guests or hosting parties.

The Massage

Depending on your needs on a particular day, you can use the footrest and backrest independently or together.

The footrest features a “Hyper-power Foot Massage Technology” that releases tension in your calves, ankles, and feet. The back and neck massages vary in intensities while pinpointing massages to work out knots and tension from your back and upper body.

Additional Features

The most significant feature of this back massager is its compact sleek design making it a great addition to your home or office. It offers 8 different modes including a recliner, sofa, and massage chair.

Choose between 4 different colours such as red, brown, beige and pink. You’ll feel good and look good every time you use it. If you’re looking for a small economical massage chair, this is the one for you.

uLove 2 Massage Chair

While the first couple of massage chairs offer amazing benefits, none compare the realistic feeling of the uLove 2 Massage Chair.

This back massager takes your chair massages to the next level. It’s packed with a wide range of features, massage technologies, and settings to fit your every need.

The Massage

What sets this massage chair apart from others is the human hand feel of your massage. It features a unique 4-hand massage technology that mimics the feel of a real masseuse. The auto shoulder detection ensures a quality massage for anyone of any size.

The 4-hand massage technology can accurately pinpoint and loosen the tight areas of your neck, shoulders, and back. You can enjoy a neck and should massage while simultaneously having your lower back massaged, as well.

The V-hand massage uses 720-degree roller balls that fit and reach every corner of your back, shoulders, and neck. The smart technology can sense and reach the areas where your body naturally curves away from the chair without adding extra pressure to other areas of your back.

Like the other massage chairs, you can choose from several intensity settings and hybrid massage options. You can enjoy a massage that loosens muscles all over your body. The footrest offers several massage settings to rejuvenate your feet, ankles, and calves.

The Features

The uLove2 is the Cadillac of massage chairs providing you with your every need and want. Beyond the massage, the chair comes with a full entertainment centre including speakers that play relaxing music. Or connect them with your smart TV to provide you with surround sound when watching your favourite movies.

An adjustable stand allows you to browse or watch movies on your mobile device or tablet.

The seat gently warms to your body to help your body relax and adjust to the massage. Feeling too hot? Not to worry, you can control the temperature or leave it off.

This chair includes several reclining positions including the zero-gravity recline option.

Due to the 4-hand massage technology, you can enjoy a full-body massage in half the time of a traditional back massager. While this is perfect for on-the-go people, it may be a challenge leaving the uLove 2.

uJolly Full Back Massager

This portable full back massager offers 4-hand technology in a compact size, allowing you to take it anywhere. Whether you’re at work, at home, or anywhere else, you can enjoy the benefits of the uJolly Full Back Massager.

uJolly offers a 3D shoulder massage using V-hand technology. Enjoy both an upper body and lower body massage with its 4-hand massage technology.

The Massage

The massage technology included compares to that of the high-quality uLove massage chair. The 4-hand technology allows for multiple massages at the same time without sacrificing quality.

You can control the intensity, focus, and type of massage from a convenient remote. There are 4 main massage modes for you to mix and match to find the perfect massage.

The V-hand technology reaches into the contours of your neck and shoulders to massage those hard-to-reach areas.

Additional Features

This sleek compact design of this back massager is convenient and safely fits on most chairs. It includes a heating feature to enhance muscle relaxation.

If you need a quality back massager that’s portable and budget-friendly, then the uJolly is the massager for you.

Purchase the Best Back Massagers Today

Anyone looking for a high-quality back massager will fall in love with our leading line of massage chairs and massagers. No matter your needs, our chairs will leave you energized and refreshed every time.

Have questions or want to learn more? Let us know and we’ll help you find the right massager for you.






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