How to Fix a Cricked Neck at Home: 6 Simple Remedies

It’s the morning. The sun hits your eyes and you slowly awaken from your slumber. You should feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Instead, you’re hit with a sharp pain in your neck as you get up. And that’s when you realise – you’ve woken up with a cricked neck. It’s a terrible feeling. Your morning has been ruined and you start dreading the day ahead.

How did this happen? How can I fix it? Luckily, we’ve got the answers! We’ll show you why your neck feels stiff and also how to fix a cricked neck. Keep reading to find out how!

How did I end up with a cricked neck?

A cricked neck, otherwise known as a stiff neck or crook neck, is a common condition. It falls under “neck pain” which is experienced by almost 20% of the UK population.

The stiffness and discomfort is often caused by a misalignment of your spine and neck muscles. This misalignment happens when your spine and neck muscles are in an abnormal position for a long period of time. That’s why a cricked neck usually happens in your sleep.

So when you wake up with a cricked neck, you can point the finger at the way you sleep – specifically your sleeping position or your pillow!

Okay, so how do I fix my cricked neck?

You know why you have it, now you want to get rid of it. A cricked neck probably means that you would rather opt to stay at home. That’s what makes these 6 remedies perfect for treating your stiffness at home!

Remedy 1: Ice Packs

You might be thinking that ice might make the stiffness of a cricked neck even worse. After all, isn’t ice supposed to freeze things? Not to worry, ice actually does a great job of reducing the initial sharp pains of a neck crick. The cold temperature reduces inflammation and numbs pain which alleviates short-term pain. Applying an ice pack every periodically throughout the first day of having a cricked neck can put you on the right path to recovery.

Remedy 2: OTC Medication

Over-the-counter (OTC) medication is a good way to counter short-term pain caused by a cricked neck. Medicines such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can reduce inflammation and pain. Make sure to take necessary precaution before taking these OTC medications! Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns or questions.

Remedy 3: Heat Packs

Another cricked neck cure are heat packs. Heat packs can do wonders for the discomfort of a cricked neck. By introducing the warmth of a heat pack, blood flow and circulation is increased. This allows for muscles to relax and tension to be reduced. Your neck muscles will begin to loosen up and you’ll be able to enjoy increased mobility and flexibility.

Remedy 4: Gentle Stretches

The overwhelming discomfort and pain of a cricked neck can have you not wanting to move at all. But in fact, doing some slow, light stretching can reduce pain and help you recover quicker. By doing controlled neck stretches, your muscles loosen up and blood flow is increased. It also frees nerves from surrounding stiff muscles which reduces the amount of pain you experience.

Some stretches you can do include gently rocking your head from side to side, rolling your head forward or making circles with your head. Be sure to take it easy so you don’t aggravate your cricked neck further!

Remedy 5: Neck Massage

If stretching is too painful for you to bear, a neck massage might be more effective. Massage therapy is known to be effective in treating a number of muscle-related conditions. It works by introducing increased blood flow to affected areas which in turn encourage better recovery and mobility. A massage for your cricked neck can either be done by a professional massage therapist or by a friend. If you don’t have any of those or you prefer to stay at home, an electric massager can be useful. These electric massagers are equipped with features which deliver the same soothing effects as a traditional massage.

Remedy 6: Proper Sleep & Rest

This remedy works by both helping you recover and to make sure you don’t get a cricked neck again. Taking the time to properly rest makes sure that you don’t accidentally aggravate your neck during the day. Proper rest means that you aren’t physically overexerting yourself or placing too much stress on yourself.

Proper sleep will ensure that the chance you suffer a cricked neck again is dramatically reduced. You should start by taking a look at your pillow. Channel your inner Goldilocks and find a pillow that’s ‘just right’ for you. Not too hard or too soft. This will make sure your spine is properly aligned as you slumber. Finding an optimal sleeping position can also help. Sleeping on your back is best while sleeping on your stomach is more likely to give you aches and pains.

Get Rid of The Crick Quick!

There’s no need to panic the next time you wake up with a crooked neck. With these 6 home remedies, you’ll know how to fix a cricked neck and be living crick-free in no time!
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