How to Relieve Sore Muscles After a Long Workout

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Now and again, you push yourself a little too hard in the gym and end up in excruciating pain the day after. Although muscle soreness after a challenging workout is healthy, it is no fun to endure. 

You don’t have to suffer through muscle soreness. There are ways to alleviate the pain and speed up recovery. In this guide, we show you how to relieve sore muscles and explain how OSIM provides a solution. 

What Causes Soreness after a Workout?

The technical term for sore muscles after a workout is DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness. It usually occurs when you start a new exercise regime, change your workout routine, or increase the intensity of exercise too soon. 

When your muscles are required to work harder than they’re used to, it causes microscopic tears to muscle fibres — causing soreness.  

DOMS usually peaks at 48 to 72 hours and can last for up to five days. Depending on your fitness level and the type of activity performed, pain ranges from mild to severe.

How to Relieve Sore Muscles 

The best cure for DOMS is time. However, there are a few things you can do to lessen the pain. Here are ways you can ease sore muscles after a long workout:

Get Light Exercise

Contrary to belief, the best treatment for sore muscles is more exercise. Yes, you read that correctly. The reason being is that it increases blood circulation.

As more blood circulates throughout your body, your muscles heal faster. It is believed that blood carries amino acids and oxygen to muscle tissue. Mainly, amino acids are the fundamental components of muscle recovery.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should carry on with your usual workout. Aim for light and gentle activities like skipping rope or going for a walk. 

If you can, do some light strengthening exercises. Whatever light activity you choose to do, make sure that it gets your blood pumping.

Do Some Light Stretching 

Along with gentle exercise, it is also essential to do some light stretching. It not only eases tightness, but it increases your range of motion. 

Research shows that stretching relieves muscle pain after exercise. It’s worth mentioning that although stretching provides pain relief, it does not make them repair faster. 

Also, try not to overstretch the muscle — this could result in more muscle tears or injury. You should stretch until you feel a slight tightness. Stretching should never feel pain for unbearable. 

Stay Hydrated

One of the best remedies for DOMS is drinking water. Research suggests that there is a connection between dehydration and post-exercise muscle soreness. Many believe that dehydration intensifies pain from DOMS. So, staying hydrated alleviates this pain.

It is also believed that when muscles tear, they release toxins that are associated with pain and stiffness. When you drink water, those toxins are flushed out of your body — thus reducing muscle soreness. 

Use Ice or Heat

You’ve probably seen pro athletes submerge themselves in a bath full of ice. Well, this is because ice removes swelling and inflammation associated with extreme muscle soreness. This method is also useful if you have intense muscle spasms or pulled muscles.

Additionally, studies testing the effectiveness of ice baths on DOMS showed that it increases blood flood and reduces muscle fatigue.

Similar to an ice bath, heat can also reduce pain and inflammation. To explain, heat opens blood vessels which helps to ease soreness and accelerate the healing process. Heat is also said to increase blood flow — another key to healing sore muscles. 

Which method is the best for relieving DOMS, ice or heat? Studies show that both ways are just as effective at reducing muscle soreness. 

Try Topical CBD

CBD is a compound that is said to have significant pain-relieving benefits. Specifically, it a cannabinoid that interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for pain perception. 

Current research help support the belief that CBD can alleviate pain. For example, a clinical trial conducted on rats with arthritis found that topical CBD significantly reduces pain. Another scientific study concluded that CBD could reduce inflammation in the body.

Besides, some CBD users report that it helps reduce post-workout stiffness. You can find pain relief by adding it to a warm bath or applying it directly to sore muscles.

Although the research is promising, there needs to be more conclusive evidence on the power of CBD on pain relief. 

How Can OSIM Products Relief Sore Muscles?

Research proves that massage after intense exercise reduced inflammation and swelling associated with DOMS. Massage is also said to increase blood flow and reduce muscle tightness. 

While you can administer a self-massage or go to a professional masseur, nothing beats your own massage chamber. 

Indulge yourself in luxury while easing muscle stiffness with the uLove 2 Massage Chair. Featuring cutting-edge technology, this chair simultaneously targets each muscle group. 

The uLove 2 Massage Chair mimics the delicate hands of a masseur by providing acupressure to every part of your body — including your hands.

Want localized muscle pain relief? Try our Leg Massager. Our one of a kind massager kneads away soreness in your shins, calves, and ankles. Also, it provides ultra-soothing heat to melt away, aches and pains. 

Similarly, our uJolly upper body massager alleviates muscle pain in your back, shoulders, and neck. Like our massage chair, it provides heat to open blood vessels and ease muscle pain.

Are You Ready to Experience Self-Care?

Sore muscles are our body’s reminder to slow down and take care of ourselves. Now that you know how to relieve sore muscles take some time to pamper yourself.

Conflicted on which OSMI massager to choose? Contact us with your questions!





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