Key Areas to Massage with Your Handheld Massager

About one in six people in the UK experience some form of back pain. If you’re one of them, you know how much it can hinder your daily activities and productivity. Perhaps it’s not just your back that’s problematic either. Various muscles could be stiff without you knowing because you got used to them being that way.

Keep yourself healthy and free of stiffness and soreness by massaging these key areas with a handheld massager.


Your neck has more than 20 muscles. Stiffness and pain in this area can limit your ability to look around and can be very distracting. You’ll find it much harder to focus with sore neck muscles, and it can prevent you from working at all if you have a job that involves manual labor.

Unfortunately, your neck can be put under constant pressure if you have bad posture. As such, it’s important to keep them limber, and using a handheld massager will help you do just that. Target the areas around the base of your neck, near your shoulders.


Your pectorals are your chest muscles, and you use them more than you might think. They pull your arms forward, pull your arms sideways towards the chest and rotate your arms inward. They also help slightly when you’re pulling yourself up.

Because of these functions, your pectoral muscles are frequently used in daily activities. Sore pecs can limit your arms’ mobility and prevent you from keeping your shoulders straight.

Massage your pectoral muscles regularly to maintain your arms mobility. A handheld massager will help you rub out painful muscle knots and ease any uncomfortable sense of constriction in your chest.


Your shoulder muscles are responsible for lifting your arms sideways, forward and backward. Similar to your neck, they can get stiff or sore due to bad posture. Heavy lifting can also cause injury. This can greatly limit your arms’ movement.

Take your handheld massager and use it on your shoulders daily. Don’t massage just the deltoids. Your shoulders are also moved by your pectorals and the muscles that attach to your shoulder blades, so massage around the entire shoulder area. You’ll relieve tension and lower the likelihood of stiffness in your shoulders, arms and neck.

Arms and Hands

Your arms and hands are some of the most used parts of your body. Almost every activity will engage them in some way. Even when you’re just walking or running, you use your arms to balance yourself.

When using your handheld massager, pay particular attention to your forearm. This is where the tendons that control your fingers are. Make sure you keep them healthy and limber with a daily massage so your fingers and wrist keep functioning well.


Even if you’re not doing ab exercises, your abdominal muscles do a lot of work. Together with your lower back, they make up your core muscles. They support your trunk, keep organs in place, keep you balanced and protect your spine.

Massaging your abdominal muscles with a handheld massager will help tone and strengthen them. This will help support the rest of your upper body and relieve physical and emotional tension.

Lower Back

Non-specific back pain is the most common type of back pain, and the type most people will experience at least once. It’s usually caused by improperly lifting a heavy object or extended exercise without proper warm up. This can cause a pulled muscle or ligament.

Your lower back is especially susceptible to this as the lower section of your spine, the lumbar, is the second most flexible part. The most flexible part is your neck, but it won’t take too much pressure from lifting and exercise unless your posture is just that bad.

By regularly using a handheld massager on your lower back, you’ll keep the muscles flexible and increase blood flow to them. This will prevent sudden strains and stiffness and make it more resistant to injuries. It can also speed up recovery, decrease tension, and boost your mood by encouraging the release of endorphins.


Your legs bear your whole body’s weight while standing or moving. A daily massage with a handheld massager will help keep the muscles and tendons strong and lower your risk of injury. If you run or jog as a form of exercise, it will also speed up your recovery.

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