Lomi Lomi Massage: Everything You Need to Know About It

Out of all the different types of massages, the Lomi Lomi massage is one that you might not have heard of before. You’ve probably heard of Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, or even electronic massages from massage chairs. The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is however, relatively unknown in the world of modern massage.

However, an increasing number of spas and clinics are offering this unique massage, with more and more people enjoying its benefits. So what’s the hype all about? And is it something you should try? In this article, we take a complete look at this unique massage including its origins and its benefits.

What is a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage?

The Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian massage with its origins beginning in Ancient Hawaii and Polynesia. It was used by Hawaiian shamans (also known as kahunas) as part of medicinal rituals. These rituals were aimed to heal, rejuvenate and restore people. 

The massage itself uses long flowing strokes and gentle rubbing motions on the full body. Massage therapists will emphasise gentleness and a ‘loving touch’ when practicing the Lomi Lomi.

The word ‘lomi’ is a Hawaiian word which literally means to rub, press or squeeze with the fingers and hands.

Traditional, Lomi massages are performed by a small amount of dedicated practitioners. However, today Lomi Lomi is a certified form of massage therapy, currently being practiced by many therapists around the world. Many places that practice Lomi Lomi do so in calm spaces. They use aromatic fragrances and tranquil music which replace the prayers and chants used in ancient Hawaiian rituals.

The Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage

Like all forms of massage therapy, Lomilomi massage provides a range of benefits that improve the wellbeing of both your physical and mental health. These include:

  • Release Tension
  • Improve Circulation
  • Remove Toxins
  • Reduce Stress

Benefit 1 – Release Tension

The Lomi Lomi is a fantastic and effective way of relieving tension in the body. General overuse of muscles can eventually lead to tense, tight and painful muscles. This can restrict movement and make daily activities more painful than they should be. If your muscles are feeling tight, the long, gentle strokes of the Lomi Lomi can help remove the soreness.

This works by separating and loosening the muscle fibres. Muscles are stretched and manipulated, which releases tension and promotes more flexibility and movement. The kneading massage techniques  and continuous flowing strokes used in Lomi Lomi are also great in removing deep-seated knots.

Benefit 2 – Improve Blood Circulation

One of the biggest draws of massage therapy is its ability to improve the blood circulation in muscles. Good blood circulation is essential for a healthy, functioning body. Oxygen and essential nutrients are transported via bloodstreams, and it’s the circulation of your blood that makes sure your organs are receiving them.

Apart from ensuring that your body is functioning correctly, improved blood circulation will help sore muscles recover quicker. They receive important nutrients which contribute to the speed your muscles recover from exercise or overuse. It’s one of the main reasons athletes have massages so often.

Benefit 3 – Remove Toxins

The Lomi Lomi massage can help remove toxins and rejuvenate your immune system. It does this by stimulating your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is responsible for maintaining fluid levels in body tissue and produces antibodies which protect us from infection and disease. It also works to flush waste and toxins from your body as well.

Your lymphatic system is stimulated by gravity and movement. This is why massages, as well as other active activities such as exercise, are considered to be great for both your lymphatic and immune system.

Benefit 4 – Reduce Stress

Perhaps the most prominent benefit of the Lomi Lomi massage is its stress-reducing and relaxing capabilities. It’s why most people have this massage in the first place! With its focus and emphasis on calmness, tranquility and peace, it is amazing at relaxing people.

Stress can lead to more greater issues, for both physical and mental health. It can lead to muscle strains, bad posture and headaches. It can also lead to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Having a Lomi Lomi massage in a clinic with aromatics and soft music can wash your stress away and help you relax – even for an hour.

Where to get a Lomi Lomi massage

As we previously mentioned, Lomi Lomi massages are getting increasingly popular. There are many spas and clinics which offer them, especially if you are in the London area. Apart from these establishments, there are also personal Lomi Lomi practitioners of the Hawaiian massage who offer the service at clients’ homes.

Enjoy the relaxing experience of Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaiians have been enjoying the relaxing benefits of Lomi Lomi massage for decades and now you can too. And with this article you won’t be asking ‘what is a lomi lomi massage’ anymore. With their ability to reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation, remove toxins and reduce stress, there’s no reason to not get one!
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