Massage Chair Benefits: Can They Improve Your Health?

One-third of the population—approximately 20.3 million people of all ages—in the UK have musculoskeletal conditions that give them aches, pains and muscle problems. Sixty per cent of adults in the UK can expect to have lower back pain at some point in their lives. As a result, there’s a significant demand for pain relief equipment.

For OSIM UK, as a leading massage chair company in the UK, massage chairs and lower back massagers are more than appliances. They are therapeutic tools that relieve and soothe muscles and can even act as a preventative measure for chronic back pains. 

Why Invest in a Massage Chair

Some people baulk at investing in a quality massage chair. However, most people enjoy massage chairs as a form of relief after a long day of work, training, or exercise. People in their advanced years also look forward to warmth and comfort. However, it’s a form of relaxation and an accessible treat to enjoy during self-care moments.

There are numerous health benefits to gain from owning a massage chair. People of all ages can enjoy them in the UK, especially when they select models targeted to suit their individual needs.

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs

Post-workout recovery

Massage chairs are crucial to athletes and people who enjoy exercise. With the rise of the recovery fitness trend, massage chairs have become valuable equipment to get therapeutic results once only available to professionals.

Many massage chairs recreate various massages, including deep tissue massage and heating cycles. These things are crucial to post-workout recovery by relieving the muscles and restoring them to their natural tension. It prevents long-term strain and damage. 

Stress and anxiety reduction

Many people experience stress at work or in their day-to-day life. Others experience moments of anxiety and uncertainty. In the pandemic-stricken world, mental health has taken a sharp decline as people struggle to adjust to the changes around them. 

Clinical studies have shown that massages are therapeutic for anxiety and put stressed people at ease. This comes from massages stimulating the production of serotonin and dopamine in the body. Cortisol, a hormone produced when stressed, is also decreased during a massage.

The management of these hormones can improve your temper and stabilise you following a mental health episode. Furthermore, massage chairs are impersonal—you don’t have to be touched by another person to experience a massage, making it useful for people who don’t want interactions with others but still want to soothe their anxiety.

Better sleep and sleeping patterns

When your body is at ease and relaxed, you’re in a better position to fall asleep. As the massage chair increases your serotonin levels and removes the stress hormone from your body, you can relax more deeply and thus, fall asleep better. The massage alleviates insomnia and puts your body in a better condition for a long, restful sleep.

Decreases pain from a stiff neck

Many massage chairs have specialised rollers and nodes to address soreness and aches around your neck. Many people, especially office workers spend long hours staring at a screen for work, develop a stiff neck from their posture.

A massage chair stimulates chiropractic movements and therapeutic massages to alleviate stiff neck and shoulder pain. The ergonomic design of the chairs ensures that you get both the comfort and therapeutic massage needed. You also prevent any long-term pain problems from developing by addressing the issue immediately.

Improves immunity

The lymphatic system is the core of every person’s immune system. This area is where the toxins found within the body pile up in nodes. Through vigorous massaging, you are causing the free radicals and toxins within it to get flushed out. Thus, you’re improving the condition of your immune system because you’re lowering the load that the system carries.

Furthermore, massages aid immunity by boosting good circulation. Once again, the vigorous movements and repeating patterns from the rollers and nodes from the chair prompt better circulation through your muscles. It’s essential to get right to the limbs, which massage chairs can also do. 

It’s become more crucial to develop a robust immune system. You’re aiding your body in fighting against diseases, viruses, and other pathogens. 

Choosing the right massage chair 

Many factors affect decision-making when it comes to massage chairs. Before you make the considerable investment in one, ensure that you’re able to select one that addresses the following concerns:

  • The right size for your space
  • The right price point for your budget
  • Has the features that address your needs or can soothe your health issues
  • The right fit for your body type

OSIM UK has many massage chairs and body massagers that can target different muscle groups, reduce stress, improve sleep, and relieve pain. We can provide the right equipment according to the kind of therapeutic benefits you’re looking for. Browse our selection of massage chairs or see what lower body massagers will ease your back pain.




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