Massage for Whiplash: How a Massage Chair Can Relieve Your Symptoms

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In the year ending June 2018, there were 165,100 road-related casualties in Great Britain.

True, these figures show a 6% decrease from the severe casualties from the year before. Still, these incidents, even the minor ones, can all lead to injuries with long-term effects.

Of these injuries, whiplash is the most common. In fact, one study found that it accounts for 75% of personal injury claims in the UK.

If you’re suffering from this type of neck injury, know that massage for whiplash can help. It can reduce your symptoms, and may even prevent possible long-term effects.

Ready to learn what whiplash treatment massage is and how a massage chair can help with your injury? Then read on, as that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this post!

What Whiplash Is in the First Place

The UK is home to some of the safest roads among all Member Countries of the European Union. In fact, in 2018, it had the best safety road scores of all EU countries.

Still, as many as half a million individuals file whiplash injury claims in the nation each year.

One of the reasons whiplash injury is so common is that it can occur at even low speeds of 5 mph. This is often the case with rear shunt crashes, where a vehicle crashes into the back of another.

Whiplash results from a blow or impact that yanks the head forward and then jerks it backward. This sudden movement can stretch and tear the neck muscles and tendons.

With the soft tissues torn, pain is usually inevitable. The neck’s range of motion also decreases, usually accompanied by tightness. A “knotted-up” feeling may also develop in the neck.

The pain is worse when moving the head in any way, such as when looking over one’s shoulder. Victims may also experience headaches, which usually starts at the base of the skull. From there, the headache can radiate all the way to the forehead.

Most whiplash injuries do get better over time, often within two to three months. Depending on the severity though, these injuries can still cause pain a year after it occurs.

In fact, one study found that almost 4% of the lowest-risk group remained unable to work a year after the accident. This almost doubled to 7.68% in the highest-risk group.

Another study even found that whiplash can still affect victims five years after. Almost 40% of victims of grade-2 whiplash casualties reported dissatisfaction with their health.

Massage for Whiplash: How It Can Help

A massage is a non-invasive way of manipulating the body’s soft tissues. This practice has been around for at least 5,000 years and is one of the earliest tools humans used to address pain.

Let’s take a closer look at how massages work as a whiplash remedy.  

Reduced Muscular Tension

In whiplash injuries, muscle tension is what makes the neck muscles remain contracted. This contraction causes the muscles’ inability to relax, hence the pain and stiffness.

Whiplash and massage go together because the latter can help lessen muscular tension.

It can do so by coaxing the muscles to “unknot”, which then reduces restriction. With fewer knotted muscles and decreased tightness, pain levels can then subside.

Relief from Neck Pain

A review of 12 studies compared massage therapy with other inactive therapies. The researchers found that massage therapy was more beneficial for neck pain.

Other studies noted that massage therapy may provide immediate neck pain relief. In fact, the analyses showed that massage had significant effects on easing neck pain.

Improved Range of Function

Massage therapy has also shown to considerably improve patients’ Neck Disability Index.

In one study, neck pain sufferers who received massages saw a 39% improvement in their NDI. Moreover, they reported a 55% improvement in symptom bothersomeness. The researchers also noted a higher tendency for improved functioning.

Fewer Headaches

One study found that as many as 37% of crash accident victims experienced headaches. More than one in four also suffered from migraines. And yes, a whiplash injury can also result in both types of headaches.

Fortunately, whiplash massage therapy can be a valuable tool in headache treatment. Researchers found that massages led to a significant reduction in headache frequency.

Investing in a Massage Chair to Help with Your Whiplash Treatment

High-quality massage chairs mimic the expert movements of skilled masseuses. They deliver the massaging action through powerful rollers. These rollers manipulate your injured neck, gently relaxing your tight muscles.

This reduced tightness can then help ease the pain while also improving movement. The “unwinding” of your muscles can also help with the stiffness. This can then enhance your neck’s range of motion, so you can once again move your head without pain.

Keep in mind that keeping your injured muscles moving is key to their recovery. The pain, however, can prevent you from doing so. That’s why regular massages can be a useful whiplash remedy, as it can help reduce pain.

With less pain, you’ll be able to move your neck much more quickly.

Besides, massages have shown to lower stress levels. It appears to do so by reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. One study reported that massages reduced cortisol levels by 30%.

Your stress levels likely skyrocketed following your crash and your whiplash injuries. Regular sessions with your very own massage chair can help melt away that stress.

Manage Your Whiplash Symptoms Better with Your Very Own Massager

As you can see, massages are a tried and tested way to help with muscle injuries. That’s why you should consider massage for whiplash, as it can promote faster healing.

So, as early as now, treat your injury (and yourself) to massages with your very own massager! With a massage chair or portable massager at home, it won’t be long until you find relief from your symptoms.

Ready to invest in a massager that you and your loved ones can use at home? Then please feel free to check out our massage chair and sofa collection! You can also get in touch with us to learn more about our products. 





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