Sore Leg Muscles? Here Are Massages You Can Do at Home for Comfort

The lower parts of your body often take the brunt of everyday life. Your legs carry your body’s weight while your feet are under pressure from standing or walking around.

As a result of the many things your lower body does for you, sometimes you might overexert your legs and feet, resulting in sore leg muscles.

Some of the causes of leg pain include:

  • Blood clot
  • Infection
  • Injuries
  • Lower spine problems
  • Muscle cramp or strain
  • Nerve issues
  • Overuse
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sprains
  • Wear and tear

With that said, it’s important to know what your options are for treating or alleviating sore leg muscles. The most common ones would be to ice the sore area or simply rest your legs. Others, meanwhile, drink pain medication so as not to feel the soreness. However, this does not directly address the problem.

One solution that is effective and likely to have instant results is massage. When you massage the sore areas in your lower extremities, you’re directly targeting the cause of the pain. This direct contact allows you to adjust the way you’re massaging the area based on the pain or discomfort you’re feeling.

Below, we listed down different techniques for massaging sore legs.

1. Use of leg massager machine

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to massage your sore legs is to use a leg massager machine.

Leg massagers, like OSIM UK’s uSqueez 2, are a perfect solution for sore legs thanks to their different functions. Our uSqueez 2 in particular has all the features you want to see in a leg massager and more. From targeted reflexology massage to humanized hand massage technology, this leg massager machine has what you need.

The reflexology massage feature relieves your feet of ailments and aches by targeting the areas that need massaging the most. Apart from this, the reflexology technique presents other benefits including improved blood circulation, which can be the main source of your sore legs. 

2. Hand squeezing and kneading

If you don’t have a leg massager machine, you can use your own hands or those of a loved one as an alternative. This is one of the easiest types of leg massage to do, perfect for when your legs are feeling a little sore or when your hamstrings may be a little tight.

While sitting up, pull your leg toward you and lay your feet flat, with your knees almost on the same level as your shoulders. Then, wrap your hands starting from your ankle, with your thumbs in front and four fingers at the back. Work your way up your leg as you squeeze with as much pressure you like.

3. Stroking motion

Another easy massage technique, the stroking motion helps relax your muscles from your thighs to your toes.

Again, sit up but this time, spread your legs in front of you. Then, bend forward and wrap your arm around your ankle. Apply pressure as you slowly work your way up. If you want, you can also begin at the apex of your thighs and work your way down to your ankles and toes.

4. Toe bends

If your foot often feels strained, it will benefit from a little flexibility massage. The toe bend foot massage technique is an easy one, but you may need to ask the help of another person for maximum effectiveness. Your feet must also be not ticklish as this involves holding your feet and toes.

To start, hold the heel in one hand while the other grasps your toes. Bend the toes back and forth with increasing pressure until your toes have reached their full range of motion.

5. Heel squeeze

The heels are one of the most overlooked parts not just of the feet but of the body as a whole. But the heel often feels tired and achy, thanks to the tension at the back of the foot. By massaging the heel and the surrounding areas, you can stimulate better blood flow and ease the pain signals from nerve endings.

To do the heel squeeze, you can hold the top of your foot in one hand while holding the back of the heel in the other. Squeeze the latter repeatedly and with the pressure that you want.

6. Pressure point massage

Pressure points are the sensitive parts of the body that, when applied with the right pressure, can help relieve pain and improve one’s overall health. So, when done right, you can alleviate pain or tension in your feet with this massage technique.

The steps are simple—just wrap both hands, thumbs on top, around your foot. Then, alternately press your thumb forward, from your instep to your toes. With many pressure points in the feet, you’re massaging not just one body part but others too.

These are only a fraction of the many ways you can massage your legs. Whether you do them with the help of other devices or people or you want to do them yourself, it is entirely doable and can help you relax and rewinds.

With OSIM UK’s uSqueez 2, you have the latest technology combined with reflexology, giving you the best lower body massage machine you could ask for. Get yours now at OSIM UK’s online store.




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