Stand up for Your Health: The Dangers of Sitting Too Much

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Modern life involves a lot of sitting. We drive to and from work, and then we sit all day at a desk. We sit to binge watch TV shows or look at smart devices.

Unfortunately, years of too much sitting can lead to disastrous health consequences. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to weight gain and its accompanying health conditions. It also takes a physical toll on our bodies in a number of ways. 

We look at some of the dangers of sitting too much and offer some solutions to alleviate your symptoms.

Spinal Strain

Our bodies are designed to be upright and moving. Sitting for hours a day puts a lot of strain on your spine. Why is this such a problem?

Normally, your spine has an S-shape, which helps protect your vital organs. However, sitting causes the spine to transform into more of a C-shape. The muscles in your core become weaker, the vertebrae become compressed, and the spinal discs bulge.

This can lead to decreased blood flow to the brain, which in turn, can lead to headaches and chronic neck/back pain.

Impact on Your Heart

Constant sitting impacts your blood circulation and even the shape and tone of the blood vessels. Over time, this can lead to an increased risk of narrowed arteries and cardiovascular disease. 

Heart and circulatory diseases cause 27 per cent of all deaths in the U.K., according to the British Heart Foundation. 7.4 million people are currently living with heart and circulatory diseases in the U.K. Perhaps one reason for these staggering statistics is the sedentary lifestyle that is so prevalent today. 

Weight Gain

Obesity is an epidemic in many developed countries around the world. Obesity can lead to a number of serious health consequences, including:

  • Heart disease & stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Type II diabetes
  • Certain types of cancer
  • Breathing problems/sleep apnea
  • Osteoarthritis, joint pain & joint strain
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Gout

Your ability to burn fat actually decreases by as much as 90 per cent when you are sitting. This can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Dangers of Sitting? Here Are Some Solutions

Sitting at a desk is unavoidable for many of us, but there are ways you can alleviate symptoms. We lay out some of them here:

  • Take frequent breaks
  • Take the stairs rather than the elevator
  • Look into buying a standing desk
  • Walk to a co-worker’s desk rather than send an email
  • Take a walk during your lunch break
  • Get a tracking device like Fitbit to keep count of your steps
  • Park further from the door of your office or when out shopping
  • Buy a portable massager for your back
  • Buy a massage chair to increase blood flow and ease the strain on your joints

These tips can help reduce symptoms and contribute to a healthier lifestyle overall. 

Stand up to Sitting Too Much

The dangers of sitting are becoming known every day. Our sedentary lifestyle can have serious health and physical consequences. Be aware of how much you are sitting and take steps that will limit these possible health issues.

If you have questions about our massage products or need further wellness advice, contact us today.





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