Text Neck: What It Is and How to Fix Text Neck

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We’re all on our devices on a regular basis. Studies have been done that indicate prolonged phone use could lead to poor sleep, lack of focus and other issues.

However, we’re not realising that using your phone often can even lead to physical pain, in the form of text neck. 

According to doctors, “text neck” is a condition that is reaching epidemic levels. It is the pain, cramping, stiffness, and discomfort associated with using your phone on a regular basis at poor angles. 

Read on to learn how to fix text neck, so that you can get rid of this pain. 

Take Plenty of Phone Breaks

Without a doubt, the best way to get rid of text neck is to not be on your phone as frequently. Even if you’re watching videos or otherwise spending a great deal of time on your phone, a little of a break goes a long way. 

Even taking five to 10 minutes away from the screen for each hour can keep your neck healthy and prevent discomfort. When you take a break, stand up, stretch it out and roll your neck a few times before going back to the phone. 

Be Mindful of Your Posture and Angles When Using Your Phone

Being mindful of the way you hold your phone will also decrease your chances of dealing with text neck. This means holding the phone upright and away from your face, rather than craning your neck or otherwise tilting it in an awkward manner. 

When at all possible, sit all the way up with your spine straight, and hold the phone in a way that doesn’t require you to move or crane your neck at all. Once you are locked into a video or reading and holding your neck in the same way for hours, it can become a problem before you even know it. 

Do Exaggerated Head Nod Stretches

To beat text neck, you have to fight back against a sedentary lifestyle. Even something as small as stretching your neck periodically will help you out. 

Doing several slow, exaggerated head nods can stretch your neck out so that it isn’t stiff and cramped. This will also improve the blood flow in your neck so that your circulation isn’t blocked. 

When blood is able to flow regularly you will decrease inflammation and swelling and keep your neck fluid and pain-free. 

Get a Quality Neck Roller

Grab a neck roller tool and start stretching out your neck’s tendons and muscles. When you’re sitting at a desk for long hours it is natural for these muscles to stiffen up. 

As they begin stiffening, it will become a bit painful or uncomfortable to stretch it out as much as you can. Grabbing a neck roller and stretching your neck out manually will help you ease the discomfort more effectively. 

Get Massages Regularly

Massage therapy is a very underrated form of wellness that can do away with a lot of pain relief problems. By having an expert regularly manipulate your neck’s muscles and tendons in a way that keeps them loose and limber, you won’t have nearly as many problems with neck pain. 

There are various types of 30 to 60-minute massages that you can get every couple of weeks or so that will decrease your pain by a lot. You get this pain relief without having to take painkillers, which is also excellent for your internal organs. 

You can also look into some massage equipment that will do the job for you. Choose some massage equipment that is specifically suited to help people with neck issues and you should be better able to stand tall and avoid pain. 

Exercise and Do Yoga

The more active you are, the less pain you will deal with. By building your body strong and with endurance, you can more easily hold up your neck without strain. You’ll also get better sleep, which restores your body and helps to relieve pain and swelling. 

According to studies, practicing yoga is also great for your wellness and energy levels. 

Holding yoga poses like the child’s pose and downward dog can be an excellent way to stretch your neck, back, shoulders and other body groups. It makes you strong all around, while also making you more flexible and able to endure the physical and mental stresses of the day. 

Weight training would also be a great idea because strengthening your back and neck will prevent the likelihood of text neck as well. 

Manage the Way You Sleep and Leave the Phone Out of the Bedroom

Finding a comfortable position for sleeping is essential. Invest in a good mattress and make sure that you have pillows that support your neck. 

Leave the phone out of the bedroom whenever possible. Not only does the blue light mess up your sleep cycles, but you will often find yourself lying in an uncomfortable position playing with your phone in bed. 

This uncomfortable position will inevitably lead to neck pain in your waking life. 

There are even some apps you can download on your phone to limit your screen time or help you with text neck. Be mindful of your pain and discomfort and don’t hesitate to contact a doctor or physical therapist. 

Learn How to Fix Text Neck

If you’re learning how to fix text neck, these are the tips you should keep in mind. We’d love to help you with all your pain-relief and massage needs. 

Check out our store to start looking for the best massage and wellness products around. 





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