The Miracles of a Massage Chair

If you’ve ever tried having your body thoroughly massaged by a quality full-body massage chair, you might agree that it’s one of the best inventions in modern history. Who would have thought that you can turn an ordinary cushiony sofa into your personal at-home spa?

If you’re wondering the same thing, we’re here to illuminate the miracles of massage chairs for you.

The Answer to Aching Muscles

With our hectic lives, we often ignore body aches and pains unless it’s something really serious.

The back and neck pain from hunching over our computers at work, the eye strain from staring into screens for long periods, the ache in your joints from not having your legs stretched for hours—these are often swept under the rug with the hopes that they will eventually go away.

While some of them do, it takes a while for your body to feel springy and back to normal. Worse, these seemingly innocuous muscle aches sometimes develop into more serious health problems.

But imagine if ,after a tiring day from studying or working hard, you’re welcomed home by a massage chair. Your stiff back, aching shoulders and throbbing feet are kneaded slowly until all the knots have unravelled and you feel like a functioning human again.

This is what a quality full-body massage chair like OSIM UK’s uLove 2 does. Designed with providing utmost comfort and relaxation in mind, chair massagers relieve tension and alleviate pain from different parts of your body.

How Do Massage Chairs Work?

Massage chairs are typically divided into two types based on the massage technique they use. One kind uses vibration motors, while the other uses a more advanced technology featuring gears and rollers that emulate the feeling of real hands kneading your body.

Massage chairs that produce vibration use vibration motors like those found in smartphones. Once these motors are turned on, they spin, creating the vibration you can feel through the leather.

On the other hand, some massage chairs use ball rollers that move in a way human hands would on muscles. Since they’re engineered to simulate the kneading motions of a masseuse’s hands, roller massage chairs can dig deep into your tight muscles and slowly massage away the knots. 

This is the same technology used in OSIM UK’s uLove 2 and uDivine V. In these massage chairs, we used our revolutionary 4-Hand Massage technology, which uses four sets of ball rollers that move synchronously to give your upper and lower body the most satisfactory massage.

The best thing about the roller type of electric massage chairs is that they can also be powered by AI. OSIM UK’s massage chairs, in particular, can be connected to a mobile application that lets you choose which massage programs your chair is going to perform. 

The third type of massage chair has been slowly gaining popularity, too. Called airbag massage chairs, these massagers have expandable airbags built into the chair’s cushion. The purpose of the airbags is to gently squeeze your muscles to help relieve the pressure and prevent muscle strain.

What Type of Massage Chair Should I Use?

Needs and personal preference are two of the most important factors when deciding which massage chair best suits you.

As healthy lifestyle experts, we believe that the gentler vibration and airbag massage chairs are perfect for people who engage with low-intensity lifestyle. But for those who are always hunched over or have bad posture, the roller type of massage chairs will give you the best results.

Benefits of Massage Chairs

Having a quality massage chair in your home offers plenty of benefits, including:

1. Alleviates muscle pain

The kneading and massaging motion from massage chairs helps your muscles relax. So, previously tight knots that cause sore muscles slowly unknot. This results in an easier and freer movement without aches and pains.

2. Decreases the frequency of headaches

When you’re stressed or anxious, your muscles automatically tighten and you might not even be aware of it. Prolonged tension from keeping these muscles tightened will result in headaches. But with a massage chair within reach, your muscles stay lax and you reduce the likelihood of a tension headache.

3. Improves posture

If you have a desk job or work at an industry that requires you to hunch over for the most part of your workday, you’re prone to developing bad posture. This is one of the culprits for backaches But a massage chair can target specific parts of your back, shoulders and neck that help realign your spine and improve your posture.

4. Better quality sleep

The ultimate goal of massage chairs is to keep you comfortable. And when your muscles are relaxed, the body is reclined and any type of ache absent from your body, you’re more likely to get a good night’s rest. No more needing to toss and turn because your back hurts from one position. 

Don’t Sit This One Out

Now that you know the mechanics and benefits of massage chairs, there’s no reason not to deny yourself this gift. Get your OSIM UK massage chair from our store today




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