Travelling Without Tension: Tips to Relieve Body Aches While Travelling

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When was the last time you caught a flight to go travelling? Travelling can always seem like a good decision, and the desire to book a last-minute flight is often irresistible.

However, if you are in pain when travelling, then you soon might come to regret your trip and might wish you were back home. 

Luckily, there is much that you can do to ensure that you can travel without tension. Here is how to soothe body aches and leg muscle pain while travelling. 

Mode Of Transport You Are Using 

The mode of transport you use to travel will impact what you can do to make yourself comfortable. 


If you are catching a flight and you know you tend to suffer from leg pain then be sure to splurge on an airline that has good legroom. If you have the money or air miles then consider upgrading to business class.

If you are at the check-in desk and are already aching, then be sure to explain your predicament to the check-in staff. They might be able to arrange an upgrade for you, particularly if you are a loyal member of an airline’s reward program. 

If you are travelling a long distance then you can get a flatbed so that you can sleep through your pain. Be sure to carry pain killers with you in your hand luggage such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. This way you can access them at any time. 

Some other practical steps you can take to feel more comfortable include bringing a pillow with you so rest your neck. Sometimes the pillows airlines provide are small and so a full-size pillow can be a great addition. There are also neck pillows you can buy from airport shops.


If you are travelling by car and are supposed to be driving, then see if you can ask a relative to take over driving duties for you so you can sit in the passenger seat.

If you are part of a big family who likes to travel with everything but the kitchen sink, then be sure to prioritise legroom and space over cramming the car with as much as possible. You want to be able to recline the seat if possible. 

Be sure to take regular breaks at eateries along the way. If you are travelling cross country and are trying to cover a certain amount of miles each day, consider extending your trip so you can make more stops. 

Travel apps can help you find appropriate places to stop. 

Be sure to also stock up on drinks and snacks and pain relief medication. Remember it’s easy to get dehydrated on long journeys and if you find it difficult to get to sleep in cars, then be sure to get plenty of rest the day before. 


If you are travelling by train then again consider upgrading your seat to a higher class. If you are travelling long distances then a sleeper train could be a worthwhile investment. 

People are often more comfortable on trains than cars because you travel in one straight line and do not jerk or break violently. You can get a seat with a table and a plug so be sure to take advantage of this.

Always store your luggage in the racks provided rather than trying to keep any of your bags between your legs or under your table as this can restrict your legroom and make you feel cramped. 

What Type of Travel Are You Doing? 

If you are travelling as a backpacker and are on a budget, then consider splurging on a comfortable accommodation for yourself and extra meals rather than trying to religiously stick to your budget, even if that means cutting your trip short. 

If you are visiting a friend then ask them what their arrangements are. Do they have a proper bed with a spare room or are they going to put you on a camp bed or a sofa?

If the later is the case, then you might want to check into a hotel instead so that you have a proper bed or even a massage chair and can rest up. Your friend should understand. 

What Type of Pain Do You Have? 

The type of remedy you take to improve your situation depends on the type of pain you have.


The best solution for the flu or a cold is to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and to rest. Try to sleep on your journey if you can and be sure to make sure you have a comfortable bed arranged for when you arrive. 

Take some pain killers to reduce the tension so that you can get some sleep when you travel. 

Muscle Aches/Cramps

You can easily find yourself with muscle aches on a long journey if you are cramped up for hours on end. You need to ensure that you can move around freely every hour or so so that you can work your muscles and get rid of the cramps.

When you have reached your destination try taking a soothing bath or shower and applying deep heat or other medicines. 

Solve Body Aches by Going Easy On Yourself

If you are making a journey that you have planned for months or you have budged carefully for, then it can be difficult to admit defeat. But the most important thing is that you don’t push yourself when travelling with body aches. 

Travel at a slower pace, upgrade your class of travel and even your hotel so that you can give yourself time to recover before you start travelling again. 

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