Upper and Lower Back Pain Relief Products for Easier and More Comfortable Movement

Back pain is a condition that affects 2.5 million people in the UK every day.

This is according to a 2018 study for Back Awareness Week, which also revealed that 1 in 5 people who suffer from back pain have had to reduce their work hours or give up their job altogether because of their condition. In addition, the study showed that back pain is more prevalent in 18-24-year-olds (71%) compared to people aged 55 and above (61%).

With the quality of so many people’s lives diminished because of back pain, it’s important to know the best back pain relief products and remedies available for you. With these, you can address specific areas of pain in your back and live a fuller, more comfortable life.

Lower Back Pain Relief

Handheld Massage Equipment

Handheld massage equipment like OSIM UK’s uPamper 2 Handheld Massager are perfect for relieving lower back pain. These handheld massagers allow you to target specific points in your lower back that feel knotted and painful.

In addition, handheld massagers are portable so you can bring them with you whenever you need to travel. This is especially helpful for long travels when you’re stuck sitting in one place for hours. The pressure in your lower back increases, giving you back pain. But with a portable massage device on hand, you can address the pain quickly.

Lower Back Brace

Mostly used by people with a spine injury, a back brace provides support for the spine. A back brace improves your posture, resulting in better weight distribution along the spine. As a result, there’s less tension in your lower back, where most of the pressure goes when standing or sitting. And with less pressure, lower back pain significantly decreases.

Back braces come in different rigidities for different purposes. Mild and moderate lower back pain can be alleviated using a flexible or semi-rigid back brace. For more severe lower back pain, though, rigid back braces can help. Keep in mind that consultation with your physician is essential before buying a back brace.

Foam Rollers

Accessible and easy to use, foam rollers are a great DIY lower back pain relief product that relieves tension, tightness and pain in your lower back. Made with lightweight but dense foam in a cylindrical shape, foam rollers can be used in exercise routines to address lower back pain.

These routines work by stimulating trigger points in your lower back. As a result, the fibres in your lower back muscle tissues and fascia loosen up and decrease pain.

Upper Back Pain Relief

Upper Body Massager

Electric upper body massagers target the neck, shoulders and upper back. OSIM UK’s uJolly and uMoby massagers, for example, use the brand’s innovative Hand Grip Massage technology, which emulates the gripping action of a live masseuse.

Being hunched over while doing tasks for work, school or household chores results inaches and pains. But powerful upper body massagers like the ones mentioned above loosen stiff and aching muscles and provide deep tissue relief.

Massage Canes

Also called pressure point stick and trigger point hook, a massage cane is candy cane-shaped handheld equipment that allows you to apply pressure to sore muscles. 

Massage canes have a rounded tip at the end of the hook and various protrusions with similar rounded tips along the curve of the hook and the handle. These are perfect for a DIY massage since it lets you reach your upper back without problem and apply targeted pressure on sore areas.

Upper Back Brace

Like a lower back brace, an upper back brace provides support to your upper back and corrects your posture. It can be worn over or under your clothing and trains your shoulders to sit flat. Not only does it relieve the tension in your upper back area, but wearing it also results in long-term posture correction.

General Back Pain Relief

Massage Chairs

Reclining, full-body massage chairs deliver head to toe pain relief. The literal definition of sit back and relax, reclining massage chairs put you in a zero-gravity position while built-in nodes turn and vibrate, easing the tension from your back muscles. While these may initially be a big investment, they last for years and can be used by anyone, making the upfront cost worth it. 

Electric Heating Pads

Heat therapy is a scientifically proven back pain relief, making heating pads a popular product for those with back pain. These devices can be used in your lower and upper back, with the heat boosting blood circulation. This relieves inflammation, repair damaged muscles and improve overall back stiffness.

Pain Relief Gels and Creams

Topical pain relief products are widely used by healthcare professionals. They come in gels, creams and patches that provide a cooling sensation to the skin. These products usually contain methyl salicylate, a counterirritant that “distracts” pain points, as well as mint camphor, with its cooling sensation that desensitizes nerve endings, resulting in pain relief.

Relieve Back Pain Effectively

With all the products above, you can see that you have plenty of options for back pain relief. Fortunately, you can use most of them in tandem with each other to alleviate your back pain.

For an effortless back pain relief option, OSIM UK’s massage products are what you need. Carefully designed and technologically advanced, our massage chairs and other equipment offer at-home and on-the-go back pain relief for the whole family.

For further enquiries, contact OSIM UK today.




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