What Is Gua Sha Massage and Why Do You Need It in Your Life?

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When was the last time you had a massage? When you did then you probably had a Swedish massage or a Thai massage. Both are known throughout the world for providing health benefits and general wellness. 

But have you heard of a Gua Sha massage? This massage has a huge range of benefits from improving circulation to reducing headaches. With many people feeling that wellness is more important than GDP, more and more people are opting to work less to improve their quality of life. 

Next time you go for a day of pampering at a spa you may want to try something new with Gua Sha scraping therapy. 

What Is Gua Sha Massage? 

Gua Sha massage originated in East Asia and is a key part of Asian culture. Gua sha means scraping in Chinese.

And scrapping is exactly what it involves. Pressure is placed on the skin with a scraper to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. Good blood circulation is considered very important in Chinese culture and is one of the key benefits of Gua Sha.

Helps Improve Circulation And Immune System

Without good blood circulation, your arteries can get clogged up increasing the risk of heart attacks.

Combined with a good diet and plenty of exercises a regular Gua Sha massage can be very good for your health. 

Massages are also very good for the immune system because they relax the muscles which is believed to help the body expel toxins at a much quicker rate. Though there is no evidence that a massage can sober you up after a night out drinking and having a massage while drunk is not recommended for safety reasons. 

Reduces Headaches 

There is evidence that Gua Sha massages can reduce the risk of headaches and migraines. Many people suffer from headaches and would love a way of curing them. Ibuprofen or other drugs might not work to reduce the pain but their effect can reduce if you take them over a long period. 

More research is needed to be able to prove for sure that Gua Sha reduces headaches but Gua Sha is an ancient technique that has anecdotally worked for this in the past. 

Gua Sha Might Reduce The Effects of Hepatitis B and Heavy Drinking

Gua Sha is a massage technique that studies have shown might be able to reduce hepatitis B in some cases, a serious medical condition that can cause damage and scarring to the liver.

There is some evidence that it might be possible to reduce the effects of heavy drinking that can show in your face through Gua Sha.


Tourettes is a syndrome that affects the muscles leading to involuntary spasms, twitching and often seemingly random outbursts of swearing. It can be annoying and frustrating to have to deal with as a person. 

Research suggests that a Gua Sha massage could be a solution. Some have asserted that by relaxing the muscles it can make them less likely to twitch or react violently.

Some who suffer from the condition have also reported it takes away the stress that the person suffering from Tourettes may feel in their everyday life that may contribute to their affliction. 

While it doesn’t work for everyone, be sure to recommend a Gua Sha massage to anyone who is suffering from Tourettes or a twitch to see if they notice a difference in the severity of their condition. Or perhaps suggest they invest in a portable massage product so they can have a massage at any time of day, wherever they are. 

Reduce Work Stress With a Facial Gua Sha Massages

Gua Sha does not just apply to the body. You can have a facial gua sha to restore colour and beauty to your face. In just the same way as our bodies can get clogged up if we don’t ensure our blood circulation is good, our faces too can feel tired and worn out as well.

A facial massage can rejuvenate your face and make it feel less tired. If your job involves spending hours in front of a computer then it’s no surprise that you may feel tired. Your eyes might have bags under them and your whole face might look like its drooping.

Gua Sha is a form of self-care that relieves such stress. Self-care is important and by taking some time off from work for a Gua Sha facial you are embarking on a journey of finding time for yourself in a busy and frenetic world.

Gua Sha Massages Are a Better Alternative to Traditional Massages 

Unlike Sweedish or Thai massages, Gua Sha massages have other health benefits such as alleviation for chronic back pain. They can also increase your blood circulation using Gua Sha implements such as a scraping massage tool. 

If you have an affliction such as Tourettes or hepatitis B, Gua Sha massages might be able to help. Research has suggested that massages are great for increasing blood circulation. And lack of blood circulation is believed to be one of the key factors in these afflictions. 

If you have a stressful job or schedule this can also lead to a lack of blood circulation. The colour can drain out of your face and your whole body leaving you feeling aged beyond your years and depleted. 

Regular massages can help you feel relaxed but a Gua Sha massage can put the colour back into your cheeks by improving the circulation in your face and your entire body.

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