6 Neck and Shoulder Massage Benefits You Need to Know About

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Muscle pain in the neck and the shoulders is becoming more and more of an occurrence in everyday life. From sleeping wrong, injuring it during exercise or aggravating it during work, it seems that everyone has suffered from neck and shoulder pain at one point or another.

Failing to treat your neck and shoulder pains can lead to a lifetime of pain and discomfort. Frequent exercises for those areas can help build strength and reduce pain. But if you’re looking to significantly reduce pain, a neck and shoulder massage can provide much-needed relief. A neck and shoulder massage also has many benefits which can improve your overall wellbeing and allow you to live an improved life.

Here are some key benefits of a neck and shoulder massage that you need to know to start living neck and shoulder pain-free!

Neck and Shoulder Massage Benefits

#1 Alleviate Muscle Pain and Soreness

Easily the most sought after benefit of a neck and shoulder massage is providing relief from muscle pain. As we mentioned, neck and shoulder pain is becoming more common than ever. Common issues include stiff neck and ‘text neck’, a condition caused by overusing our phones. A massage can bring relief and reduce pain and soreness.

Massages reduce pain by relaxing affected muscles, which prevents painful muscle spasms. Massages also promote increased blood circulation. By doing so, oxygen is more efficiently delivered to muscles which in turn can reduce pain, swelling and inflammation.

#2 Relieve Headaches and Migraines

Suffering from muscle pain in your neck and shoulder is bad enough. Add a headache into the mix, and you’ll be in a world of pain. Most neck-related headaches are either tension headaches or migraines. Both are very unpleasant. But why does my neck pain cause headaches? The head and neck’s close proximity to each other means that they share pain signals. This means both parts of the body experience discomfort and pain.

A good massage will help relieve the pain caused by headaches and migraines. This is done by relaxing and decreasing tension from your muscles. Relaxed muscles allow for more blood to reach the brain, mitigating headaches.

#3 Soothes Stress & Reduces Anxiety

Feeling overly stressed or tense lately? A good neck and shoulder massage can give you the peace of mind you’ve been after. Massages reduce stress and anxiety and can help you to simply relax. Constantly experiencing feelings of stress and angst can negatively affect all aspects of your life. This includes things such as your relationships or your work performance.

Easing stress levels has another impact, this time on your health. Stress levels have an effect on your body’s ability to recover and stay healthy. A compromised immune system can lead to further health issues such as headaches or digestive problems. So take your mind off for a while and indulge in a soothing massage!

#4 Deeper Sleep

Prioritising your sleep is one of the most effective things you can do to ensure you’re living a healthy lifestyle. Sleep promotes tissue recovery, body repair and gives your body a chance to reset. It’s no wonder why everyone insists on the importance of quality sleep.

Getting a good night’s rest every night is difficult but getting a massage can soothe your body and encourage good sleep. You will find that you fall asleep faster with regular massages, especially on your neck and shoulders. Relaxed neck and shoulder muscles reduces the chance of spasms or involuntary contractions. This means you can enjoy a deeper, more peaceful sleep.

#5 Improved Posture

Bad posture is usually most notable when you look at the neck and shoulders. Constantly slumping in your chair or slouching over to use your desk can cause the muscles in your neck and shoulders to become fatigued and tense. This turns into the common bent over pose associated with bad posture.

Bad posture can also lead to lower back pain or other related injuries. Getting a massage specifically for your neck and shoulder muscles can help them relax once more and remove tension and stress. Once alleviated, your muscles will realign to its natural position and you can enjoy having straight posture once more.

#6 Treat Neck and Shoulder Injuries

You don’t have to be a gym-goer or an athlete to injure your neck and shoulders. Whether it’s a pulled neck muscle or a rotator cuff strain, these injuries can happen to anyone. While you can rest and avoid strenuous activity for a while, a massage to these areas can help expedite the recovery process.

The improved blood circulation provided by massages can encourage repair, the same way it alleviates headaches and muscle pain. A quality massage performed by a physio or massage therapist can have you back to 100% sooner rather than later.

Let’s Relax Those Muscles!

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of a quality neck and shoulder massage, it’s time to try it out for yourself. You usually have three options if you want to try a neck and shoulder massage.

You can give yourself a self massage; you can go to a professional massage therapist or you can purchase an electric massager specifically for your neck and shoulders.

At OSIM, we have a wide range of high-quality massagers available to give your neck and shoulders the comfort they deserve. And looking for more great articles like this one? How about learning about back massage benefits? Check out our blog for more.

It’s time you gave yourself a break and started enjoying pain-free neck and shoulders. Try getting a neck and shoulder massage now!





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