Is Buying a Massage Chair Worth It?

Approximately 1 in 6 people in England have back pain, which goes to about 16.9% of the population of all ages. Aches and pains become more common as people age, especially if they live a sedentary lifestyle or they work for long hours in one position.

In the pursuit of health and wellbeing, OSIM has considered studies that find that lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the UK. This has led to an increased number of people seeking various solutions to their pain. Massage chairs in the UK have seen plenty of business from people seeking relief.

Who Buys Massage Chairs?

The best body massager products and massage chairs are often advertised to alleviate pains and aches. People who suffer from all types of body pain may buy a massage chair as an easy opportunity for a full-body massage.

Many athletes also look into buying massage chairs and use them to cool down after training or rigorous exercises. Athletes also use them for recovery fitness purposes.

Another group that benefits from the positive effects of massage chairs are senior citizens, especially ones who suffer from arthritis and other joint pains. The massage chairs are an easy and comfortable way to soothe their bodies. 

If they come with a heating mechanism, they’re also an excellent way for seniors to warm up during cold days. It helps relieve the cold’s exacerbating effects on their arthritis pains.

But if you’re not an athlete or a senior citizen, would a massage chair still be a worthwhile purchase? There are pros and cons to consider before you invest.

Pros of Massage Chairs

Relaxes Muscles

During long, hard workdays, the muscles become tight and strained. You end up with knots and stiffness, along with aches in muscle groups that you’ve repeatedly worked throughout the day. 

Massage chairs often come with strategically placed nodes or rollers that target different muscle groups around the body. You can pre-set these nodes to massage the areas that need it the most. The nodes can help relieve the tightness and stress you feel in those areas. 

This is one of the primary benefits that athletes use massage chairs for, but even a person with a regular job can take advantage of the soothing benefits.

Spinal alignment

People with scoliosis sometimes use massage chairs as a therapeutic tool. Scoliosis is a condition where the spine is abnormally curved or angled. It can sometimes make it difficult for them to maintain good posture, cause an imbalance in their shoulders, produce different leg lengths, and other issues. Often, it also causes pain.

Massage chairs can target the specific areas affected by scoliosis. The nodes can relieve the pain and soothe the muscles. Moreover, the scoliosis patient would remain seated comfortably during the procedure, allowing them to relax. 

Various massage types

When looking for a full-body massage performed by a professional masseuse, it’s normal to see a lot of types of massages available. These massages vary in their methods and the way they target the muscles. Often, you’ll only be able to select one at a time.

A massage chair can perform the same thing as an all-in-one massage service. By targeting multiple muscle groups and using different cycles or features, you gain access to other massages and achieve additional effects. It can help you wind down after a long day, knead into knots, or simply get soothing warmth. It will do it all for you in one place.

Cons of Massage Chairs


Because of the many features and mechanisms, massage chairs take up a lot of space. For someone who lives in a small apartment or has a small room, a massage chair will consume a lot of floor and movement space.

For example, if you’re someone with a disability and need a crutch or a wheelchair to get around, the massage chair may take up much-needed room to move around.


Massage chairs, especially ones that are reliably durable and can perform multiple massage functions, are likely to be costly. Basic chairs may cost around £200-300. Therapeutic models and other massage chairs in the UK with specialised functions can go from £500 to £7,000. 

It’s not a small investment, and many people don’t feel that it’s an urgent need to splurge on. But it’s an invaluable machine for those that have made the investment. When considering the price, keep in mind that the more you pay for a massage chair, the more features and benefits you will reap.

Maximum weight

Finally, massage chairs don’t work for everyone. Many have set weight limits. The lighter and more portable a model is, the less likely it can withstand heavier people. The weight limits are necessary to ensure that the rollers and nodes of the chair function correctly and reach the muscles when needed. 

Should You Buy that Massage Chair?

Every massage chair has its pros and cons, and it’s considered an investment. Depending on your age, needs, and preferences, a massage chair may go a long way in providing you with numerous health benefits. It’s also a much-needed tool for getting relief after a long day of work.

OSIM provides customers with high-quality premium massage chairs and massager tools to deliver all the health benefits of regular massage care. There are many accessible models of massage chairs from OSIM suitable for different age needs and uses. Start enjoying fewer aches and pains by the day by checking our selection of massage chairs.




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